The Best Computer Related Jobs in 2022

Workplace as a Student Best Computer Related Jobs

Looking for Computer Related Jobs? Finding a job that offers a decent wage and also proper security, and long-term prospects for growth is perhaps harder today than ever. However, there is one sector that is growing year on year – and shows no signs of slowing. 

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There’s little doubt about the effect computers and tech are having on business and the world in general, meaning technically-qualified people are in demand more than ever – especially those with tech and networking skills. 

The digitization of business

Before considering what jobs you might be able to land in computer-oriented work, it might perhaps be an idea to consider just how much the digitization of business is changing most modern workplaces. As tech and the web have continued to evolve (particularly during the last 20 or so years) so computers have come to dominate most modern businesses. From simple web browsing to email and e-com, computers are completely transforming modern commerce in ways previously never before imaginable.

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This trend for digitization is making many industry experts suggest the world is currently undergoing a new revolution – a fourth industrial revolution (also commonly called Industry 4.0). Certainly, there is little doubt that connected technologies are changing how (and where) people work – and will continue to do so in the months and years to come. 

For this reason, looking for Computer Related Jobs industries could offer some of the greatest job security now and in the future. 

Which jobs could a computer-related degree bring you?

Workplace as a Student Best Computer Related Jobs

If you’re looking for a job in computer-related industries (or even just on the sidelines), below are a few of the positions that might be open to you if you develop the right skills.

Work in software engineering

Pretty much every time you use a computer, you’ll be using software of some variety – particularly from the perspective of a work setting. Software is almost the nuts and bolts of modern computing and is what makes computers ultimately useable. 

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If you can land work as a software engineer, you’ll be working in one of the most versatile and highly paid sectors of the entire computer, IT, and tech sector. However, software development most definitely isn’t for everyone, and you will need to study hard to break into this area. 

One of the best routes into this work role is through studying for a master of computer science degree – although it could also be possible to break into these positions with slightly less experience. 

Make your name in data science

Data science is one of the fastest-growing areas in the entire IT industry – and it shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. As we invest more and more of our personal and business information in online platforms, so the importance and value of that data will continue to grow. 

This increasing reliance on online tech, coupled with the trend for people to store sensitive information on the web, has led to many experts suggesting that data could now be the most valuable commodity on earth. Certainly, when you consider just how much people share online – and to what depth – there could be definite truth in the logic of data’s incredible worth. 

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Working as a data scientist, you will be tasked with interpreting the vast wealth of information that is stored and collected online. This could be in a variety of different roles and for different purposes – anything from studying user patterns to interpreting the private information that people save, share and store online. You could also be involved in using data to try and predict future user behaviour (for example, by studying the peaks of troughs of sales figures in retail outlets).

Work for a cloud computing provision company

Over the last couple of decades, cloud computing has completely transformed how more forward-thinking companies operate and revolutionized the idea of company networks. Where once it was the case that a firm looking to capitalize on the benefits of computers and tech would have had to set up their own internal networks, cloud computing companies have put cutting-edge computer tech into the hands of even the smallest budget firms. 

The concept of cloud computing is relatively simple yet has completely changed how (and where) companies and their staff can operate. In essence, a well-designed cloud network will allow firms to store, share and run software and documents on remote computers.

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Using the processing power of (normally) much larger and more powerful computers, firms can tap into the power of hardware that will often be much more potent than they normally could afford – yet, because the machines are shared with multiple other companies, the outlay for smaller firms is usually relatively modest

Run the show as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Depending on the size of the firm, a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is usually at the top of the tree when it comes to a company’s networking and digital services. The CTO of a firm will typically design the entire framework, very often being involved at a managerial level.

A good CTO will possess a rare mix of technical competency and knowledge along with soft skills and a great talent for managing people. They may be in charge of hundreds – sometimes thousands – of people, calling the shots on the overall tech and IT direction of a firm. 

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They will also be responsible for keeping up with emerging technologies and realizing how and where to implement new tech into a firm’s digital framework. 

Take the reins as a software architect

A software architect is essentially a problem solver with the unique talents of also being a great leader. Software architects sit at the front end of programming solutions, getting involved with companies to understand their unique problems and needs, and then liaising with a team to devise answers. 

A good and accomplished software architect will have a strong history in programming and software engineering that allows them to address specific problems based on their particular experience. They will also normally possess great people skills to allow them to quickly discover the root of the problem from clients. 

Become a DevOps specialist

Where once software development tended to work almost on a waterfall methodology with work being produced and then checked, the DevOps approach takes a far more flexible direction. DevOps work essentially means building and testing/checking at the same time, which can significantly reduce the time involved in building systems and software. 

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Working as a DevOps specialist, you will have a deep grasp of multiple programming languages that can be used in different capacities in a job, depending on requirements. You will also likely have at least a measure of managerial experience in overseeing the multiple aspects of software development jobs. 

DevOps specialists are very much at the sharp end of software development, so they need to have great interpersonal skills to act as an effective buffer between the programming team and the client. They will also typically have a wide knowledge of IT capacities.

Work as a Python developer

Python is one of the most common and popular programming languages in use today – and is particularly well-suited to web-oriented and server-side apps. Working as a Python developer could see you taking on a huge variety of projects, normally as part of a much bigger team. 

Having a background in computer science is one of the best ways to make it as a Python developer and will give you an added edge against many of your rivals. Moreover, the range of Python add-on, open-source tools that are available for this language makes it one of the most versatile to use in jobs. 

Take a job as a data warehouse architect

While it may not sound the most glamorous of positions, data archiving and ensuring its integrity is one of the most important roles in any digital service. A data architect will typically work out information management provisions, keeping one very close eye on security and potential backup services that may be needed to serve in the event of a power outage, security compromise, or other such issues. 

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A data architect will also usually have complete control over a company’s entire data management – including strategies for data protection and, when needed, data retrieval. 

Like so many other aspects of life, good data management may well go unnoticed much of the time, but you’ll soon notice the value of this role should you find yourself or your firm’s data under threat from a hostile intruder. 

The take out: Best Computer Related Jobs

Few would doubt the tremendous impact data, the web, and computers are having on almost all aspects of commerce, and there are huge opportunities to be had for those individuals with adequate training and skills. 

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As the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds continue to blur and we entrust more and more of our business and personal data to online services and platforms, so the value of the roles listed above will only continue to increase – as will the wages paid. 

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