BedJet – Cooling, Heating and Climate Control for your Bed

BedJet - Cooling, heating and climate control for your bed

We spend 1/3rd of our life in bed. Most of us want that time spent in the bed, comfortable but most of the time it leads to a fight because every individual needs different sleeping convenience, like bed temperatures. To resolve this we have now BedJet. It is the world’s first rapid cooling and heating system just for your bed.

How does it work?

BedJet is an air driven climate control machine which is Bluetooth enabled and is controlled by a microprocessor. It circulates air under your covers to help wick away body moisture and create a consistent air temperature pocket to sleep within. You can customise BedJet according to your preference. You can control this device either with phone, tablet or remote.

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  1. It is the only device that solves the problem of humidity.
  2. It is quite sleek and fits right under your bed.
  3. It dries 8 times more sweat than a cooling mattress.
  4. It is the first device ever that is clinically proven to relieve bedtime symptoms like poor sleep and hot flash.
  5. Every BedJet comes with a no sweat guarantee.

Why should one go for BedJet?


BedJet has some unique features that a traditional cooling mattress cannot provide. Also, it costs a fraction of the price of a cooling mattress. Just $300 and is available on

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