Benefits of Flutter Application Development in 2023

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Ever think what are the Benefits of Flutter Application Development in 2023? Why is it booming around the world in the developer community?

Flutter application development is the best way to build a fast, beautiful, and high-performance cross-platform app. Here is why you should try it for your projects.

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When you talk about application development, the first requirement for the app is that it should run on as many devices as possible. With such huge diversity in the mobile phone market, you can’t put one operating system over the other. So, the best solution is to build a cross-platform app that runs on android, iOS, and the web. That’s where Flutter takes the lead. Flutter application development enables developers to use the same codebase to create cross-platform apps with a fast and cheap framework.  

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source SDK or software development kit created by Google. Its purpose is to offer a faster, simpler, and cheaper framework for cross-platform development. Before Flutter, developers used Java, Kotlin, and Swift as their go-to languages for android and iOS application development.

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As there are no cross-platform development features in those languages, they usually had to do all the work twice to ensure that the application is available on both platforms. However, everything is much easier with Flutter application development.  

Basics of the Flutter Framework

Flutter framework uses the Dart language, making it possible to develop apps that run on multiple platforms while keeping the native look from each platform using the same codebase. Flutter application development gives you powerful and reliable tools to work with so that you can be creative and develop beautiful and high-quality apps without worrying about restrictions all while keeping the cost very low. 

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The Flutter framework is based on the widgets technology. It opens you up to a vast collection of creative ideas as you can apply object-oriented methods to each element in the app. Plus, customizing or creating your own widgets with the same native design is a simple task on Flutter. One of the features that make Flutter the best framework for app development is it’s hot reload and fast testing. When you make some changes in the code, you don’t have to reload the app as Flutter applies those changes in real time.

Benefits of Flutter

Flutter application development offers many benefits for developers and businesses of different scales. Let’s take a quick look at some of those benefits.

  • Best for Time and Money: As you read about the hot reload feature in Flutter, the framework also offers a bunch of other features which make it a fast and simple software development kit. You can make changes in the code and watch it play out in real-time which saves you a lot of time not to mention frustration. As for money, being able to use the same codebase to create a cross-platform application reduces the cost. 
  • Peak Performance and Beauty: With Flutter, you get a vast gallery of attractive and modern widgets to give your application a unique and sleek look. And, you also get the option to customize widgets to impress your users. Flutter uses the Dart language which is fast and reliable and all the apps created with this framework compile ahead of time.
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