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[MUST HAVE] 10 Best App for Students 2020

Parents have always been pretty concerned about their children getting addicted to their smartphone. Most parents have tried means to minimise mobile usage by their children, either by asking them to do outdoor activities, attend individual classes, or tuitions etc. However, the current pandemic situation, all these efforts made by parents to cut short the smartphone usage by their children have gone in vain. Classes are now conducted online, which means that children have to have a smartphone or a desktop to be able to attend those classes.

Students have no choice but to start using their smartphones, and there is no stopping. They can’t step out of their homes to play outdoor games, nor can they attend classes, so the only source of entertainment left for them is through the gadgets and technology. What is concerning is the social media addiction that most students are falling for, which not only serves as a good distraction from studies but can also impact the mental health of a child. So, what do we do then? The best possible answer is to make good use of your smartphones, use it to hone your skills or increase your knowledge.

Best App for Students 2024

In this article, we have come up with the Best Apps for Students that can be very helpful in their day to day lives.

1. Khan Academy


If you are worrying struggling with your online classes and are still in need of external help apart from your teachers or parents to understand the concepts better, Khan Academy is the best suitable option for you. It has well-explained answers, some with video explanations as well to help you understand the concepts very easily. The app is not just limited to school students, but also suitable for those who are preparing for competitive exams such as SAT, GMAT, LSAT etc.

If you are a parent or a teacher, you can download the app and explore different ways of approaching a particular problem, how to explain it to your child/student. Even if you are one of those who enjoy reading exciting facts, and are wanting to gain more knowledge, you can do that as well.

Overall, the app is very engaging with test series, quizzes etc. You can download content for offline reading. Khan Academy is a nonprofit organisation, and it provides free and accessible education for all.

Install: Android | iOS

2. Google Classroom


Google Classroom is best for conducting online classes. It makes it easier for teachers to collect online assignments from students in the app itself, so they don’t make to worry about making additional records for who has submitted and who hasn’t. It would be very easy to view that in the app itself. The app gives you a very organised way of conducting classes and taking tests/assignments.

The study material can also be easily transferred to the children by simply uploading it on the app. That way, it saves a lot of time for the teachers who may otherwise have to shift to mails or Whatsapp. The app is free to use, as well.

Install: Android | iOS

3. DuoLingo


Learning a new language can be fun as well as very useful in your future. Duo Lingo is one free app that makes it very easy for someone to learn a new language with its exciting puzzles and games. There are short lessons that help you learn the language, understand it, improve your pronunciations, and understanding of the language.

There are various popular world languages that you can start earning. You can also make use of this app to improve your English vocabulary. The app is very useful and if you devote enough time and commit yourself, you can very quickly learn a new language.

Install: Android | iOS

4. Brainly


Brainly is a very user engaging app and is best for students needing help in their homework or wanting to practice what they have learned. You can take pictures of the questions you are unable to answers, and other users can help you solve the problems. For answering questions, you also get ranks and earn points for assisting other students to solve their homework questions and get their doubts cleared.

This is an excellent step to encourage students to help others clear their doubts and is also a unique way to check their progress and revise themselves. The app also has a team of moderators who monitor the quality of the answers and explanations given as solutions to the questions. The app is free.

Install: Android | iOS

5. Current Affairs by testbook.com


This is 2020, and if you are not updated with what is happening around you and across the world, it is going to be very difficult for you to clear any competitive exams testing your general knowledge. Even if you are not preparing for exams, it is always a good thing to know about the new innovations, schemes, projects by the government, international relations, policy changes etc. It makes you an aware citizen, it also makes you form your own opinion on different ongoing changes happening in the country. Being aware of your surroundings is very important.

These particular apps are beneficial for those who do not have enough time to read the entire newspaper. The news on this app is short, crisp and on to the point. Hence, you are basically consuming more information that too in a less amount of time. You can also participate in quiz competitions to test what all you have grasped so far. The app is available in both Hindi and English, so that language does not become a barrier in your learning process.

Install: Android

6. Skillshare


If you have been wanting to hone your skills but are unable to do so due to the pandemic and are missing out on your classes, then Skillshare is the best app for you. There are multiple classes on painting, drawing, calligraphy, photography, graphic designing, icon designing etc. It is, in fact, never too late to take up a new hobby, and hone your skills. Such activities help you improve your creativity skills.

Install: Android | iOS

7. Knudge.me


We all recognise the growing importance of knowing how to speak fluently in the English language. It has now become a global language, and there is certainly a special status attached to the language. The demand is high, and hence, it is an excellent opportunity for all to improve their communication skills in English.

Knudge.com is really effective and helpful in helping you upgrade your communication skills in English as well as your vocabulary. The app comes with scientifically designed games followed by spaced repetitions to help the users revise and reinforce all that they have learned.

Install: Android | iOS

8. Quizizz


This app allows you to participate in different quizzes, as well as host quizzes yourself. You can challenge your friends in various quizzes, that way there can be a group learning taking place with friends, who will also be your competitors. This will help boost the productivity of the children.

Install: Android | iOS

9. Lumosity: Brain Training


This is the best app to train your brains to become efficient, it helps boost your brain’s memory power, flexibility, problem-solving skills, attention and speed of solving problems, as well as your logical reasoning skills. The games in the app are scientifically designed to give you are more effective results. So, if you have been procrastinating all this while, its time to stop and start challenging yourself to improve your productivity levels.

Install: Android | iOS

10. Elevate: Brain Training Games


This app will help you improve your critical cognitive skills so that you can boost your confidence and productivity levels. The app offers personalised workouts to achieve your goals faster. You can also track your performance in the app. The difficulty level also increases for the exercises to keep challenging your brain to think more efficiently and productively.

Install: Android | iOS

My Thoughts

The above apps are really beneficial for students and can help transform their personality in a whole new way. It is never too late to make the best use of your mobile phones to hone your skills and make you perform better. In my opinion, out of the above, this one app that all the students must have in their phones is the Current Affairs 2020 General Knowledge Quiz App by testbook.com. No matter what field you wish to pursue your career in, it is always important to know what is happening around you and in the world. It makes you have an opinion and allows you to bring a positive impact on the planet.

If you have any app suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best App for Students, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please do bookmark our website and stay tuned.

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Shruti Phogat
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