What is Clubhouse App? 7 Best Clubhouse Alternatives?

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

If you are consistent with your social media usage you must have heard about an application named Clubhouse. Let’s Learn What is Clubhouse App? What are the Best Clubhouse Alternatives?


What is Clubhouse App?

What is Clubhouse App

It became popular and gained traction when Elon Musk and people like Bill Gates started using the app to discuss ideas with the common folks and people were allowed to actively listen to the conversations in real-time. A lot of celebrities and creators since then have popularly used this platform to interact with their audience, discuss workflows, share ideas and get feedbacks solely from audio conversations.

Think of it this way. If you wanted direct access to someone whom you admire and this is your chance to listen to them live without having to leave the place within the comfort of your own house or room. In case you are a creator and want to be heard you can still use the platforms to spread the word and your thoughts.

Along with apps like these podcasts are very much in trend and it has become one of the most popular ways of consuming content; especially if you are someone who is spending a lot of time travelling or if you want to multitask and make sure that you optimize your time fully.

The clubhouse was definitely one of the most popular apps out there which led to this brilliant idea of conversing over a call and sharing views but check out this list of Best Clubhouse Alternatives that are offering similar features along with their existing users.

Best Clubhouse Alternatives


twitter marketing

Twitter Spaces has gained a lot of popularity in the last few weeks and it has been a staple for a lot of creators and come online and discuss their ideas with their current audience. It allows people to actively participate in the conversation and make sure that at least 11 speakers can actively take part at the same time. The number of listeners isn’t capped to any specific number. It’s available both for iOS and Android.

Stereo App

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

It has been making some waves in this category of application where you can go ahead and start a conversation impromptu. There are multiple categories to choose from. Select any of your likings and join a conversation. If you want to go live with a person of your choice invite them to the app and share your conversation with people. The app allows you to customize your avatar and you can style them accordingly.


Cappuccino - Best Clubhouse Alternatives

This is one of a kind app. When you think of the word “Cappuccino” you think of coffee. So it does a similar job in reality. Although it is an app to connect with people the major target focus of this app is for your friends and family.

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It works in this way that the host records a message or a clip of their own liking and the message is then played the next morning the members of the group get a notification that their morning cappuccino has been brewed. Then they can open it and a chill intro music is played which later shares your message to your friends and family.


It doesn’t fit along those lines of speaker and listener dynamics but Anchor allows you to create and make a podcast on the go. All you need is a smartphone and this app by Spotify allows you to create your own unique podcast, edit it, and host it at zero cost! This ensures that you are able to create consistently without any constraints and you can be heard everywhere. (You can distribute your podcast to popular apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and all of it with just a single tap).


Best Clubhouse Alternatives

This app is India’s first social media app that follows closely within the lines of the voice genre. The principle is yet again the same where you come on the platform to share your thoughts and creative ideas. Influencers have commonly used this app to talk about technology, music, marketing, fitness fashion, food, travel, life, or relationships. Choose a topic of your liking and you can get to learn or you can share your learnings from life; based on a topic of your choice.


Riffr can be said as the “Twitter” for podcasts. Tweets are generally small and byte-sized information and easy to grasp. Same goes for riffr, it acts as byte-sized podcasts that one can create on the go. No need for any expensive instrument or gear. All you need to do is think of the instance or thought that you want to share, hit record, and share it with your followers and audience. You can even add cool sound effects to your clip and share it with the world.


Best Apps Like Clubhouse

This is a social audio live streaming platform that strongly resonates with the concept of reaching millions with just your audio. You can search for topics that you enjoy like comedy, anime and so much more! They have their own original live podcasts that you can enjoy in your spare time. If you are the speaker you can invite your co-host to stream live audio content. This app provides a request box feature that allows you to ask anonymous questions.

My Thoughts: Best Clubhouse Alternative?

This was the list of some apps that are dominating the audio space on the internet. My personal favourite is “Twitter Spaces” it has a homely feel to it but, Hey! That’s just my own bias!

If you want to try you can try them all and see which one you can relate to the most. Happy Listening!

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