10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

Best Gmail Alternatives How to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently

What is Best Alternatives to Gmail for Personal and Business Use? Here are the Best Gmail Alternatives you can use.

Gmail is the most popular email service provider. Gmail is a product of Google, and it has a vast user base. Gmail links your account with its other services such as Google drive, contacts, Google Photos etc. This means that Google can easily access all your data very quickly as it links up most of your essential apps. Google and its Gmail services have been often accused of selling user data to third-parties.

Hence, it is always wise to disintegrate your information and limit the links between those apps to protect your data. There are also certain limitations that Gmail accounts for, such as limited cloud storage.

In this article, we have come up with the Best Gmail Alternatives, which are as good as Gmail or even better.

Best Gmail Alternatives 2024


1. Outlook

Outlook - 10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

Outlook is one of the best alternatives to Gmail since it has been developed by Microsoft. On the plus side, it has a really simple and easy-to-use interface. Outlook also does not provide you with any personalized ads or targeted advertisements. The best part about Outlook is that unlike Gmail, it provides you with unlimited storage. Another useful feature about Outlook is the complete SkyDrive integration to sync your calendars, contacts, OneDrive etc. Outlook is a very accessible tool and an effective alternative to Gmail.

2. Proton mail

Proton mail - 10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

Proton Mail is best for you if you want a secure email service. It has end-to-end encryption and is protected by Swiss Privacy Law. The best feature of Proton Mail is that you do not have to provide your personal information to create an individual or business account. You can also access Proton Mail from any device without having to install the software. Proton Mail is the best alternative to Gmail if your requirement is of a secured mailing service.

3. Rediffmail

Rediffmail - 10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

Rediffmail is an Indian email service. Using Rediffmail, you can send mails in many Indian languages. What makes it unique is that Rediffmail is not just a mailing service, it indeed is a web portal for news, information, entertainment and shopping.

4. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail - 10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

iCloud Mail is an email service developed by Apple that can be accessed from Apple devices such as Mac computers, iPhones etc. iCloud Mail is a very popular as well as a preferred choice for Apple users as an alternative to Gmail. It is an ad-free email client, there is no third-part access and is very secure. It also has a very intuitive layout. You can seamlessly sync your iCloud Mail across your Apple devices.

5. Zoho

Zoho - 10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

Zoho is a popular option amongst business clients as Zoho supports multiple accounts. You can compose your mails even when you are offline, which would be automatically sent once you have access to the internet. Like Gmail, you can easily sync your contacts, calendar, emails etc. Zoho has a friendly interface and is a very simple and minimalist email service provider. Zoho also has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration which makes it easy and simple for one to manage their business communications.

6. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail - 10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

Yahoo was once a powerful competitor of Gmail, and it is now slowly and steadily emerging back in the market. Yahoo provides 1 TB of storage space to every email account, which is indeed very huge. Yahoo’s partnership with Paperless Post gave rise to Yahoo stationery, which allows its users to send beautiful post design to their loved ones. You can also mail large files (up to 100MB) from Yahoo. Yahoo also offers seamless integration with contacts, calendars and more.

7. Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail - 10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

Yandex is a Russia based mail service. It provides users with a customizable interface, you can also schedule your emails for when they have to be sent by setting the time. You can integrate your other mail accounts with Yandex so that you can easily merge your messages into a single account. Yandex also has a built-in antivirus that protects your account from spam and fraud.

8. AOL Mail

 AOL Mail - 10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

AOL was once a top-rated mail service. It provides its users with unlimited cloud storage. With AOL Mail, a cool feature that it offers you is that users can choose their email address domains. You can also customize the list view of your emails in AOL mail. AOL also has built-in spell checker, spam protection and virus scanning. AOL also has an integrated calendar.

9. Tutanota Mail

Tutanota Mail - 10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

If you are concerned about your privacy and do not wish to share your personal information with third-parties, Tutanota is a good option for doing that. It provides end-to-end encryption, Tutanota is also ad-free. It also has an encrypted calendar. It is overall an extremely secure alternative to Gmail.

10. GMX

GMX - 10 Best Gmail Alternatives 2020

GMX has a clean and intuitive interface, it also provides unlimited storage space for their users as well as an advanced antivirus. GMX offers a free calendar with which you can easily sync all your events. You can also customize your email address domains, which is just like a cherry on the cake. You can attach files as large as 50MB in size. The email filters in GMX are also handy as they help in keeping your inbox neat and clean.

My Thoughts

Though Gmail is very popular and widely used, there are limitations to it, such as less storage space, inability to send large files, privacy issues etc. Other email service providers offer features that Gmail doesn’t. From the above list, my recommendation would be Outlook. It has a friendly interface and is also secure to the extent that it does not share your data with third-party clients. It also provides unlimited storage and is ad-free. As I had mentioned before, Outlook is indeed a handy, efficient and accessible tool, and it serves as an excellent alternative to Gmail.

If you have any other suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best Gmail Alternatives, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please do bookmark our website and stay tuned.

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