Best Google Drive Alternative

Cloud storage is not something new. Most of us who has smartphones are aware of it. But despite everybody knows it, there are very less users because people are not very used to these virtual spaces. Cloud storage services are the services provided to store the data which can be accessed through the Internet on remote servers. It helps to maintain, manage and back up its customers’ data in a very easy way. They are perfect for immediate data exchange. Here, in this article we are going to discuss 7 Best Google Drive Alternative for Cheap Secure Cloud Storage.

Here are the Best Google Drive Alternative:

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a workspace that focuses on the things that are important for the users. In Dropbox, files are very easy to find as they are all together in one place. You can share big files anywhere anytime. It has MS office online integration and Dropbox paper where you can share new ideas and rough drafts. You can Download it from Here.

  1. OneDrive

Microsoft OneDriveOneDrive is a Microsoft’s free cloud storage which provides 1TB of storage. You will always be updated with your important files as you can access it online from anywhere. Your files are safe with one drive as it is encrypted using SSL and you can access your files from any device. You can Download it from Here.

  1. Tresorit

Tresorit is a cloud storage service that focuses on security and data encryption. It provide end to end encrypted file sync before being uploaded to the cloud. You can share and access data easily with links and tresorit path. You can  access your files even if  you are not online . You can Download it from Here.


It is a Toronto based cloud storage Service that is known for its strong security. It offers 5GB of free cloud storage and excellent support. Multiple users can access the data at the same time and it can backup your data automatically. You can create share links and set expiry dates. It provides you zero knowledge storage which means that no one other than you can have access to your data. You can Download it from Here.

  1. pCloud

pCloud is a free online cloud storage that provides you better and faster experience. You can get upto 20GB free cloud storage. It is easy to share and collaborate. You can access and sync on any device without taking any physical space. You can Download it from Here.

  1. Box

Box is a cloud content management platform which gives you automated work flow and machine learning integrations. Box provides you more simplicity and efficiency. Multiple users can access the data and you can work from any device. It has features like advanced security control and complete information governance. You can Download it from Here.

  1. Mega

Mega is a file hosting service and a lifesaver for your phone’s storage. It offers upto 50GB of storage in the cloud which is totally encrypted. You can easily link and share your documents by email, SMS and with your mega contacts. It is equipped with the added complexity of bandwidth limitations. You can access your uploads on all devices. You can Download it from Here.


There are the 7 Best Google Drive Alternative for Cheap Secure Cloud Storage mentioned above but according to me Tresorit is best and super safe if you want to pay for the most secure cloud storage, this could be for you. Other than this, you can choose mega for best signup bonus. That’s all for this, stay tuned for the next one.


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