10 Best Laser Engraving Machine for Sale 2021

Alfawise C50 Laser Engraving Machine

Do you like carving? In daily life, we hope to engrave the favourite patterns on our bags or mobile phones, but this seems too professional and challenging. Well, what if I told you that is easy and can be done by you? Laser Engraving Machine refers to the operation method of connecting laser equipment to laser engraving software and inputting artwork into automatic engraving.

In this article, we have listed various portable laser engravers that are out there. At gearbest, you can get them at a low price too.  Using these engravers, you can see some logos, three-dimensional billboards, custom wallets or handbags logos, and you even can carve exquisite patterns on wood, bamboo, etc.

Best Laser Engraving Machine

Do check out the list to understand which one meets your requirements:

1. ORTUR Laser Master 2 20w

ORTUR Laser Master 2 (20W) is of higher power and supports a faster engraving and cutting. It is one of the Best Laser Engraving Machine for wood that you can buy online. It comes with a specialised motherboard with STM32 MCU, and it could easily pre-process 32 instructions, support baud rate as high as 921600. It even is built using the most advance laser Engraver Firmware that makes this machine smarter, faster, and easier to use. The laser engraver even supports PWM mode and offers triple safety protection for more DIY enjoyment.

2. ORTUR Laser Master 2 15W

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It is the most cost-effective laser engraving machine that is used both for both engraving and cutting.  It could pre-process 32 instructions and is one of the most advanced lasers that are smarter, faster, offers higher precision and easier to use. The active position protection ensures that if there is any unauthorised movement, the machine will stop. The laser engraver supports PWM Mode. It operates on a power of 15W.

3. ORTUR Laser Master 2 7w

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This laser engraving machine is suitable for picture engraving, and it could pre-process 32 instructions. Moreover, Ortur Laser Master could control the laser beam more accurately, and can even use the high power laser unit to “draw” a picture on paper. The G -sensor on the motherboard detects unauthorised movement. It also comes with a laser beam safety guard. It supports PWM mode.

4. Our Laser Master 7W

It is a desktop laser engraver machine, and it is portable, easy to install and safe to operate. It comes with a built-in sensor accelerometer that will automatically accelerometer. When the machine tilts, it will automatically stop laser work and protect against laser damage. It even supports dynamic control laser module, and PWM power regulation, low brightness regulation, laser temperature induction protection. For DIY projects, this laser engraver also comes with the support of different powers.

5. Our Laser Master 15W

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It is a portable laser engraving machine, and it is quite easy to install and safe to operate. It has a built-in G-sensor that can smartly detect any of the unauthorised movements.  Hence, you and your staff are safe from any kind of laser damage. It supports dynamic control laser module, and PWM power regulation, low brightness regulation. The laser engraver supports PWM mode. LaserGRBL is the most popular carving software in the world, and it, could import different format images, you could try editing in PhotoShop, Inkscape, CAD, etc. and then connect to the laser engraver.

6. Our Laser Master 20w


It is a 32-bit motherboard with STM32 chip, and it is more powerful, faster, offers higher precision and is easy to adjust the speed. It is used both for both engraving and cutting. The machine is equipped with a G sensor on the motherboard for active position protection. Hence, if the machine detects unauthorised movement, the laser beam will stop. It is the most popular carving software worldwide, runs well in both Mac and Windows OS. The laser engraver supports PWM mode.

7. ORTUR Laser Engraver Y-axis


This engraving model is perfect for engraving cylindrical objects such as engraving text and patterns on cans. It is not hard to assemble the machine parts.

8. Alfawise C30 Pro 3000mw


It is a high power laser engraving machine that allows you to carve patterns on the surface of woods, plastic and paper. The engraving area is upgraded, and that makes this machine flexible and convenient to engrave on objects. It is a high-intensity laser with a detachable driver and motherboard. Moreover, the machine comes with safety goggles to protect your eyes from laser injury.

9. Alfawise C10 Pro

This 3D machine offers modular installation and comes with a 3D video guidance for non-professionals. It is a simple and fast machine. You can even optimise the motherboard configuration and external structure, the engraving speed is increased by 25 per cent. The machine is frame does not require any connectors. It is a widely used engraver and is mostly used for engraving text on daily materials easily.

10. LaserPecker Pro Magnet

It is not a laser engraver. However, it is small, portable and easy to assemble the machine protection baffle. The package contains 4 protective shields that can be used to protect the machine as well as people and objects around.

Laser Engraving Machine for Sale Price List


This sums up the list of the best laser engraving machine for sale. You can choose any of them based on your requirements. Trust me, it is the coolest thing that you can own. I became its fan after watching those guys on Linus Tech Tips Channel make cool logo and brandings on the CPU cases. You can engrave your name on an object. You can engrave your company’s logo on your T-shirt and what not!

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