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12 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android (2020)


The literal meaning of the lock screen is the visual interface on a mobile phone, which is shows before the device is locked. The best thing about having an Android device is that you get a chance to use various customization option and apply the lock screen of your choice. Though fingerprint sensors have now replaced the tradition of the lock screen, still there are many people who prefer third-party lock screen in their smartphones. Here are the Best Lock Screen Apps for Android that you can download it for Free.

Best Lock Screen Apps for Android

 Here is the list of best lock screen available on play store:

1. Floatify Pro Unlocker

Floatify Pro Unlocker - 12 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android (2020)

It is one of the most professional lock screens that not only provides heads-up notification for your phone but also provides blurred background, quick messages, toggles, and everything you need! This application lets you send predefined messages like “Ok, thanks!” without typing, and also allow you to send the messages directly from the notification. Not only this much, but floatify is also the only lock screen app that can Mark messages as read for WhatsApp and others.

2. Go Locker

Go Locker - 12 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android (2020)

This lock screen is customized with the extremely high quality of themes. It features highly-recommended security, stability, and compatibility. It also offers a number of themes with plenty of unlocking styles, android style, iPhone style, and other styles beyond your imagination. It allows you to read messages directly from the lock screen and provides shortcuts to system switches and settings. It is one of the most stable applications which is compatible with 8000 kinds of phones.

3. Solo locker

It is one of the most powerful lockers in the world. This is one of the Best Lock Screen Apps for Android that allows you to lock your screen with photos. The app is smooth, light, and ready to increase your privacy security. It is the world’s first lock screen application in the style of material design. The app adds fun and personality to your unlocking pattern. This application comes with spectacular wallpaper and lock screen themes with unique styles, as well as app shortcuts which will make your phone easy to use.

4. Always on AMOLED

This application helps you to have the best always on the display of your phone and tablet. Using this device, you can have an always-on display for your phone or tablet. The main aim of this application is to provide users with information about, date, time, notifications, with the benefit of not having to touch the phone. You can even start or stop the always-on display, granting you infinite possibilities.

5. Floating

Floatify Lockscreen - 12 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android (2020)

It is a professional lock screen application, but it does not work on Android Oreo or Pie. The app features an Android O lock screen with blurred background, quick messages, toggles, and everything you need.  The second best feature of this app is QuickReply that allows you to send messages directly from the notification. The Direct Reply feature of the app helps in sending predefined messages like “Ok, thanks!” without typing.

6. Lockscreen widgets

Lockscreen widgets - 12 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android (2020)

This application appears as a paged “frame” on top of your lock screen. You can even add a button widget by tapping the plus button in the frame. You can easily find the plus button on the last page. You can tap the frame with two fingers to enter the editing mode. You can easily resize and move the frame and remove the current widget here. Moreover, the app gives you the privilege to add any home screen widget as a lock screen widget.

7. Ava locker

Ava locker - 12 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android (2020)

This application helps in bringing the best features of android and iOS on your lock screen. The app allows you to check your notifications on the main screen and swipes right to access your favourite widgets. Using the application, you can even customize the wallpaper, and you can use live wallpaper. The app doesn’t have an internet connection and doesn’t spy on your personal data. Hence, the app ensures total privacy of the user data. You can use this application to even customize notification style, clock, wallpaper, and shortcuts.

8. Start

Get everything on your lock screen. With Start application, you get the chance to know everything without even unlocking your phone.  You can get various sorts of content in a variety of topics: news, sports, entertainment, business, technology, and the newest viral videos, all on your lock screen.  The app compromise of huge wallpaper gallery and you can select a perfect wallpaper for your lock screen. You can even use your lock screen to listen to your favourite music and create playlists for every mood. The application always shows relevant notifications on top.

9. Semper

This application helps you to enhance your vocabulary without spending hours and hours studying vocabulary. This application takes care of your memorizing ability and is specifically designed by people who love to learn but hate to study. This app is the most efficient way of learning words, phrases or facts.  The app features short microlearning puzzles of about 3-5 seconds each, which can be solved in the entire day.  Moreover, when you unlock your device, or you are waiting for another application to load, Semper will come up with its new puzzle.

This application uses an adaptive algorithm that optimizes item repetition and puzzles difficulty to maximize learning efficiency for each user. However, with the premium version of the application you’ll get a chance to solve a puzzle while activating your lock screen or before app load. This is the best way in which you can maximize your learning.

10. Kustom lock screen maker

Kustom lock screen maker - 12 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android (2020)

This application allows you to learn a language without even spending hours studying vocabulary.  It is the most efficient application for learning words, phrases, or facts. The app offers a microlearning puzzle of about 3-5 seconds each that you solve in the entire day. While you unlock your phone, or while you wait for other applications to load, the app provides you with the puzzle.

The app uses an adaptive algorithm that optimizes item repetition and puzzles difficulty to maximize learning efficiency for each user. You can opt for the premium version of the application where you can also solve puzzles while activating your lock screen or before apps load and maximize your learning.

11. Gesture lock screen

This application allows you to unlock your smartphones using gestures, fingerprint,  or PIN. Moreover, the app takes the snap of a person who enters the wrong gesture. In this way, you are updated about the intruder.  The picture of the intruder is directly sent to your email address.  The fingerprint unlocks feature is only available for Android devices running on Marshmallow or higher with a fingerprint sensor.

For users with Android 4.3 and newer, the notifications on the lock screen are available. Just in case if you have forgotten the gesture, there is an option to enter the recovery password to unlock your device.

12. Lok Lok

Lok Lok lock screen application allows you to communicate with your beloved ones right on your phone’s lock screen. You can use your lock screen to leave drawings and notes for them. This application replaces your Android lock screen with a shared whiteboard that is always in sync between you and whomever you are connected to.

You can even create a group with your loved ones, and whenever someone changes their lock screen, it will automatically update on everyone else’s. It is a free app and allows you to draw without even unlocking your phone.


In the above-mentioned lock screen applications, the Best Lock Screen Apps for Android that I personally recommend is Next lock screen application. The reason for choosing Next lock screen application is because it is a good option for professionals or someone who is not concerned with the customization. Apart Next lock screen application, Picturesque Lock Screen application is also a good option as it offers the latest news and lives cricket scores on your lock screen.

If you have any suggestions for Best Lock Screen Apps for Android that we should add in this Best Lock Screen Apps List, feel free to contact us at [email protected], we always welcome new ideas. Thank you and stay subscribed for more content.

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