Top 5 Best Medical Apps for Android (2019)


There are times when we need a doctor’s advice but in this busy life, we don’t get that spare time to actually see some, and obviously because there is never ending waiting list. To make things accessible, make healthcare accessible, medical apps have come into play and with those, doctors have become digitalized. Some doctors are not available on holidays but these medical apps make it easier to take quick and right decisions in emergency cases. Today, we’ll discuss best medical apps for Android which has been designed to help you out whenever you have any health issues.

Top 5 Best Medical Apps for Android


1. Carezone

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Carezone is a medical application for android that takes care of your medications and doctor’s instructions. This app has many useful features like reminder feature which will remind you to take a dose on time. You can organise your personal information in a single list and can record your observations. It keeps track of your health and progress from time to time.

2. Doctor on Demand

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Doctor on Demand is an app which provides you faster and less expensive appointments with certified doctors online. You can talk to your doctor from home. This app will provide you comfort from home and in case you have any contagious disease, it might not be a good idea to affect others too. It is incredibly convenient to use, which means you don’t have to take off work to see a doctor. Doctors are available 24×7 on this app and are open to everyone.

3. Figure 1

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Figure 1 is an application which will increase your clinical knowledge as leading physicians and world-class institutions share their medical cases on this app. It is an enormous reservoir of interesting cases that help you stay up to date on various diseases and therapies. There is a community where you can discuss medical cases with professionals through this app.

4. Medical terminology

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Medical terminology app helps you to provide the meaning of each component related to medical. It consists of all the phrases used in the medical field. You don’t have to Google every time; it provides you with the platform where you can find your answers. It is a much-needed app by medico as it is educative and important to any medic for quick reference.

5. Medscape

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Medscape is a must have app for doctors as it gives you all the latest medical news you need to know. It has a community where you will find various clinical advisors to discuss real-world cases with. It consists of many useful features such as drug interaction checker, speciality specific calculators, pill identifier and many more which makes it more convenient and easy for the user to make clinical decisions.

Bonus: mySugr

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mySugr is a user-friendly app for diabetes patients which is perfect to keep track of your sugar reports. It helps to control your diabetes. Not only this, along with blood sugar tracker it has carb logger, bolus calculator and user’s estimated HbA1c. It also monitors your diet, meals, blood glucose, insulin, medicines and more. It helps you to keep diabetes under control and keep you healthy and happy.


There are many medical apps present on the play store that are made to keep you healthy. Here is the list of 6 best medical apps to make your life simpler, but what I personally recommend is a doctor on demand as it is a great substitute when you can’t get to see your doctor at a reasonable price. Other than this you can go for Medscape which has a vast collection of latest medical information. Also, it would be good if don’t necessarily rely on these apps and see an actual doctor, take precaution and stay healthy.

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