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10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021


We all struggle when it comes to managing money, sticking to a budget, and even handling an investment. However, the time has changed a lot and technologies have gotten more advanced. Now, with just a few apps, you can make the correct decisions that are easier than ever before. Whether you are an Android user, iOS user, or Windows user, there are a lot of personal finance apps available out there.

However, one should understand that not every mobile money management tool is worth downloading. To bring ease to your difficulty, we have come listed the Best Money Management Apps for Android that might bring peace to your personal life and can help you in a longer run.  Do check out the list and let me know your suggestion in the comments below!

Best Money Management Apps for Android

1. Walnut – All India Banks, money manager

 - 10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021

It is one of the Best Money Management Apps that you can trust. It comes with an expense tracker to automatically and securely track your monthly spends and understand the amount you spend on food, shopping, groceries, etc., as well as you can understand how much you are saving month on month.

The app allows you to take control of your MONEY and SAVE more. Using the app, you can even keep a close track of credit card dues. It even helps you to locate ATM and cash near you in real-time. It is available on Play store and is the #1 expense tracker app on this list.

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2. Monefy – Money Manager

 - 10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021

Monefy is a simple budget app that you can either download for free with basic limited features or upgrade it to the pro version which might cost you $2.50 for high-end features. It is simple and quick to use a budgeting app. The interface of the app is pretty simple and allows you to add new data quickly and easily.

It even features various currency support, a built-in calculator, passcode protection, Dropbox integration, widgets, and more. It is a pretty decent app to have with less complexity.

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3. Expense Manager

 - 10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021

It is a simple, intuitive, stable and feature-rich app that helps you to do budgeting and manage your expenses as well. It is an all in one app, in which you can manage the expenditures, cheque book and budgets as well. And the best part is it is a free app with no hidden charges.

This application allows you to track expenses and incomes, split transaction, track recurring expense and income, and track multiple accounts and many more. It helps in organizing bills by week, month, and year as well as by categories. You can even do the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly budget with a progress bar. Moreover, an automatic backup is created on Dropbox, Google Drive and SD Card.

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4. mTrakr Money Manager

 - 10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021

mTrakr is one of the fastest-growing money managers, and it helps you to securely manage your money, bank accounts, credit cards, bill reminders. This app helps you to achieve financial goals by managing money and budgets every day and help you to become financially fit. It is loaded with many awesome and amazing features like “The Money Manager” that helps you track all your bank account and credit card transactions. Its Daily “Expense Manager feature” helps you to view your expenses by category, by month, by credit card, all in one place.

The app even acts as a BILL REMINDER that automatically reminds you of credit card bills, mobile phone bills, and other utility bills. The TAX calculator lets you calculate your taxes according to your income. You can even track your cash.

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5. Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

 - 10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021

Goodbudget is a popular app for budgeting that comes with cross-platform support on Android, the web, or iOS. Moreover, the best part is being a cross-platform compatible app, everything syncs between the platforms. It comes with certain high-end features like expense tracking, income tracking, and some other decent budgeting tools.

Using this budgeting app, you can even export your data as a CSV file, QFX (for Quicken), and OFX (Microsoft Money). It is user friendly, easy to use and simple budget app. However, where on one side you can find certain features for free on the contrary, certain features require a subscription.

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6. EZ Financial Calculators

 - 10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021

This financial calculator provides an intuitive layout as well as a detailed approach. It is an all in a one-touch solution for your financial calculations. It comes with an EMI calculator that removes all unwanted hassles out of your way, giving your clear indication, statistics and graphs. It helps you to understand your monthly EMI cycle clearly.

The FD calculator incorporated EZ financial calculator helps you to calculate long-term deposits and their interest. It even features RD, the SIP calculator. Moreover, it comes with Retirement planner and reports generation. Overall, it is an intuitive and user-friendly financial calculator for Android users.

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7. Money view money manager

 - 10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021

It is an awesome Money Management App that can automatically track your expenses, budgeting. Moreover, this app offers an instant personal loan of up to Rs. 5, 00,000. With this app, you can track your expenses automatically using the expense manager (via SMS), you can check bank balance and PayTM & Freecharge wallet balance, you can get bill reminders & pay bills on time, etc.

The app uses a proprietary technology platform to read your financial SMS from banks and billers to automatically present a comprehensive view of your finances.  Considering the features and the fact that it is a free app, it is a good app to have.

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8. Money Manager Expense & Budget

 - 10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021

Money Manager App is your personal finance makes managing personal finance management app. It is easy to use the application, and by using this App, you can easily record your personal and business financial transactions, generate spending reports, review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and whatnot.

It comes with a bunch of features such as efficient asset management and accounting, Budget and expense management function, Credit / Debit Card management function, etc. The app even has a paid version that offers unlimited assets and no Ads.

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9. ETMoney Expense Manager

 - 10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021

It is one of the most used expense manager apps. The app’s entirely automated manager nicely categorizes all your expenditures, bills and accounts. Using the app, you can easily get all your account balances and expenses in one snapshot. Moreover, you can manually add your investments on ETMoney and get real-time updates on overall portfolio performance. It is the best personal finance managing app.

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10. Qykly

 - 10 PRIVATE Best Money Management Apps for Android 2021

It is your daily expense management application, and it helps you track all your transactions, travel, bills, and purchasing details. It makes your life simple by auto-tracking all your transactions and viewing them in a straightforward and usable format.

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This sums up the list of Best Money Management Apps. You can choose any of the above-mentioned apps. Initially, you can go with free apps and can see if they are working for you or not. Few of the free apps that I would suggest are Walnut and Expense Manager that you can use and make your life more manageable.

Hope you like this post and got a better idea about the Best Money Management Apps for Android in the market. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us or comment down below.

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