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7 SAFEST Online Jewellery Shopping Websites in India


Jewellery has always been an integral part of Indian weddings. More often they are even considered as good investments. Not only for weddings, but also people in India do consider it as a good luck if purchased during the festive season. There are many stores where you can purchase gold or silver jewellery. However, make sure you are not provided with dupes.

Because of the major frauds going on it is important that you buy your jewellery from an authentic store. With the pandemic spread, people are more comfortable doing online shopping. So, in this article, we have come up with the best Online Jewellery Shopping from where you can purchase authentic jewellery.

Best Online Jewellery Shopping Websites

1. Bluestone

 - 7 SAFEST Online Jewellery Shopping Websites in India

BlueStone is the company that sells high-quality fine jewellery with beautiful and elegant designs and it was established in the year 2011. Soon after its establishment, it became famous very soon due to its unique USP i.e. “TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT!” If you are willing to shop some latest design jewellery, you can book an appointment for their “Try At Home” service. Moreover, you can even customize your designs on the Bluestones site and the company even follows the 30 days return policies.

2. CaratLane

 - 7 SAFEST Online Jewellery Shopping Websites in India

CaratLane has a partnership with Tanishq and it is one of the most trusted and well known online stores out there when it comes to jewellery. It offers the largest collection of gold jewellery & diamond jewellery with the help of over 4,000 global vendors. The website even offers the option of “try at home” where you can first see how the jewellery looks on you and then you can purchase them. Moreover, the website even claims that the user can save up to 30% when compared to prices in the market.

3. PC Jeweller

 - 7 SAFEST Online Jewellery Shopping Websites in India

This company is not new. For years people of India have been shopping for jewellery from this company. You can find all kinds of jewellery like traditional jewellery, contemporary jewellery, and fusion jewellery. Moreover, you can even get easy returns, free shipping, BIS Hallmark, 100% certified jewellery, lifetime exchange, at best prices. You can shop directly from the website or you can choose to visit the store in your city. You will get authentic items here and just by making the right decision you can protect yourself from the fraud and duplicates.

4. Tanishq

 - 7 SAFEST Online Jewellery Shopping Websites in India

It is yet another popular and very well-known brand in jewellery. We are talking about Tanishq. It is a sub-brand of Tata in Jewelry section and it is one of the most popular jewellery brands in India. You can find many trendy and latest jewellery designs here on Tanishq’s online website. Tanishq also has a partnership with many famous jewellery companies and hence with Tanishq, you can always get the best in the market.

5. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

 - 7 SAFEST Online Jewellery Shopping Websites in India

It is one of the oldest and famous companies which deals in gold and diamond jewellery and having said that it would not be fair to not to fall about the expansion of this company. This company has a presence of over 10 countries and has over 250 outlets and it even ranks among the top 5 jewellery retailers globally. You either choose to visit the store or you can visit the online website of the company (more convenient) and you can pick the best jewellery. You can even place your order for customized gold rings.

6. Kalyan jewellers

 - 7 SAFEST Online Jewellery Shopping Websites in India

2Kalyan Jewellers is spread across India with over 135 showrooms and this company came into existence in the year 1993. Moreover, the company even had an online store. You can visit their official website and you purchase gold and diamond jewellery online. You can find all your favourite collections online.

7. Voylla

 - 7 SAFEST Online Jewellery Shopping Websites in India

It is India’s one of the largest fashion jewellery destination and you can find both trendy as well as classy artificial jewellery online. For anyone who loves fashion jewellery, it is the best online store. This online store allows you to buy exquisite Indian jewellery online and they even offer a wide range of imitation jewellery. You can easily find great gold plated earrings and gold plated necklaces for women.

8. Velvet case

 - 7 SAFEST Online Jewellery Shopping Websites in India

It is an online marketplace for buying fine jewellery from designers all across the world and anyone who want to buy modern, contemporary, or classic designs with a personal touch they can for sure visit this website. Moreover, the velvet case even has offline shops from where you can try and buy a ready-to-wear designer collection. This is not the end. You can even customize designs that suit your style and then you are all set to slay.


This sums up the list of the Best Online Jewellery Shopping Websites from where you can purchase the original jewellery for any purpose and of any design. I would suggest to go with Tanishq and Carat Lane. Would like to know more about your favourite store. Do let us know about that in a comment!

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