6 Best Portable/Nano Sanitizer Machine in India with Mist Spray

nano sanitizer spray machine

We are currently living in those times that is overpowered by COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t have a vaccine for it so far and it will definitely take some time till we get our hands on it. Until then, the best we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is that we ensure to follow the guidelines given by our government or the WHO.

What is Nano Sanitizer Machine for?

nano sanitizer spray machine Nano Sanitizer Machine
Nano Sanitizer Machine

As far as social distancing is concerned we do try to make sure we are staying at least 6 feet from each other. But, this makes us wonder how we keep our surroundings clean and free from various bacteria and germs and that too without any hassle. The spray guns and the portable sanitizer machines come into play.

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They make the work a little easier for us. Instead of carrying a rag around and cleaning each and every surface, we can make use of these portable devices to keep our air and surfaces clean to achieve proper hygiene and safety.

Best Portable/Nano Sanitizer Machine with Mist Spray

Nano Sanitizer Machine

Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine

1. Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine [EDITOR’S CHOICE]

Nano Sanitizer Machine

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It’s a sort of an all in one sanitizer spraying machine. It’s very portable and handy and easy to operate; can be charged via micro USB cable. It has a battery capacity of 150 mAh and can be used approximately for an hour continuously. The Sanitizer spray machine has a capacity of 30 ml and works with water, essential oil or milk (in case you want to use it for facial purposes).

The nano sanitizer machine price in India is Rs. 369 on Marill.in with Free Shipping.

2. Generic Atomizing Disinfection Automatic Sanitizing Machine

This device is priced at Rs. 7000. Having a power of 900 watts, this device can be used anywhere like your car, office, house, club, gym or any public places. The drum can store up to 100 ml of the sanitizer. It’s easy to operate and ensures long life with its efficient mechanism. It can be used to disinfect, remove odour and protects you from various diseases which can be caused via bacteria or viruses. Its output time is 20 seconds and covers an area of a 200-meter square and can be controlled with a remote.

3. iLife Nano Handy Sanitizer

This one is priced at Rs. 3999. This one is a great addition to your routine because of its portability. It can easily come into your handbag and can be used at any time. Also, it comes along with a phone charging function. So there you go! You can charge your phone as well using its 2800 mAh battery. It has a decent water tank of 28 ML. The company claims to use Nano technology for deep hydration which provides better moisturizing to your skin and keeps it healthy. It uses a standard micro USB for charging and weighs about 150 grams.

4. Automatic rechargeable portable facial humidifier sprayer

Another portable sanitizer is by the company Nitman. This one is quite portable as well when it comes to carrying it around for a day to day bases such as when you want to clean your hands, face, currency, clothes, handles and your electronic gadgets. Having a capacity of 30 ml it can be used as a humidifier, sprayer and if mixed with sanitizer you can use it as your go-to the cleaning device. It can be charged via USB. This product will cost you Rs. 1519.

5. Sanitizer Sprayer and Automatic Disinfectant

Another one of those newly launched products in the market that can be your sanitizing friend at home, office, clinic, hospital, banks or any place at any time. Just make sure you charge it fully before use. It comes with a portable USB cable and a 300 mAH battery. Once charged and filled with the sanitizer just double press the power button to use the device. It has a capacity of 30 ml which can be refilled. This product is priced at Rs. 399.

6. Nano Spray Gun Blue Ray Disinfectant Spray Machine

The company which brings you the above-mentioned product also provides you with a spray gun which has multiple uses. Talking about its working, after a 40-second wait the mist is automatically discharged and the electric sprayer will purify the air for about 5 to 8 mins. And after 10 mins you can experience the purified air. It has the capacity of 280 ml with a funnel top opening for ease of access. This can be used with water or liquid soluble products. This spray gun costs Rs. 4999.

Best Portable/Nano Sanitizer Machine Price List

My Thoughts

With the current scenario in hand, one may think if they need a product like this. I would highly suggest investing in a small portable Nano Sanitizer Machine if not the big spray guns. Personal hygiene seems to be one of the most important factors that one needs to take care of. If you are someone who is involved in some business or work which demands you to step outside your home, a spray gun would come handy to disinfect and sanitize the place you work or travel to.

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If you have any suggestions for New Portable / Nano Sanitizer Machine that we should add in this best Portable/nano sanitizer spray machine List, feel free to contact us at [email protected], we always welcome new ideas. Thank you and stay subscribed for more content.

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