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15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)


Stock footage and media assets can be expensive. Everyone can’t afford some of the high prices that some agencies demand, and it is difficult to Google a good quality video every time you need, that too, without any copyright. There are several free tools which have a lot to offer. If you want high-quality public domain videos or use videos, which are released under creative commons license, here is the list of best websites, where you can download free stock footage. In this article, you will get an in-depth view of Free Stock Footage websites and where to download them.

The public domain Review

As the name suggests “public domain” refers to creative materials that are not protected by copyright trademark. Everyone can enjoy, share and download the videos for free. There is a wide range of videos on almost anything presents on this public portal for public usage.  You can also browse the most viewed and popular videos and illustrations.

Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage

1. Videezy

 Videezy - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

Videezy is a royalty-free platform, where you can find all copyright-free videos, which you can re-upload as your choice. It is one of the largest online resources for graphic designers and professionals. Well, there is an advantage here, you can explore and even discuss the footage. It also has a vast collection of videos from around the world.

2. Videvo

Videvo - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

Videvo is a platform of completely free stock video footage and motion graphics for any project. With Videvo, you’ll always have some stock videos in hand to use. There are several royalty-free videos, which Videvo can provide as you desire. You’ll get millions of stock videos available in 4K, HD and SD quality. You’ll also get fresh themes on any topic.

3. Pixabay

Pixabay - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

Pixabay is an app with which you will get over one million royalty Free Copyright Images, illustrations, stock videos and vector graphics. It is a free alternative to the commercial stock photo and video sites. It has a user-friendly interface, and you can even manage your uploads.

4. Archive.org’s Stock footage

Archive.org Stock footage - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

It is a free online repository of digitalized media assets. The terms and policies are quite friendly and amazing. You’ll get new stock of video clips here, as they update their library very often. It contains a higher resolution, either downloaded as 4K or HD. You’ll get multiple videos on one topic, you get to choose from thousands of high-quality videos.

5. Pexels

 Pexels  - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

Pexels is a website that was earlier used as a free photo site, but now, this website offers both stock photos and stock footage for free. The website stands true to its name and offers all videos and photos with high pixels that will look great on any screen.  It features an extensive library of free HD stock videos. Moreover, the collection of videos and pictures come under the CC0 license.

Hence, you can edit and use the videos for personal or commercial purposes without asking for permission. The website’s list of popular search tab will help you find the most in-demand stock videos. It is completely free, allows you to choose the preferred resolution, and allows you to use videos with no watermark or attribution

6. Life of Vids

Life of Vids  - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

Life of Vids website is a collection of completely free stock videos, clips, in SD and HD quality. It comes with a super sleek, user-friendly interface, and there are no copyright restrictions. However, redistribution of videos on other sites is limited to 10 videos. All of the videos on this website are watermark-free and require no attribution for either commercial or non-commercial use.

To download videos from the site, you have to click on the Vimeo logo in the bottom right-hand corner of the video player, and you’ll then spot the “Download” button. Click on the button and download it. Moreover, the exciting part of this website is that it keeps on updating every week. The new videos are added weekly.

7. Splitshire

Splitshire  - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

Designed and created by Daniel Nanescu, Splitshire is a website that offers photos and videos free for personal and commercial use. So, now, as we know that all the videos and photos available on this site are all created by one person makes them more unique than content from other stock sites. You can find beautiful drone footage of beautiful outdoor scenes and just by clicking on the title below, you can download the video easily.

Moreover, the downloaded videos can be used freely across all your social media channels, but the use of the downloaded videos in projects with inappropriate content such as violence, racism, or discrimination is highly restricted.

8. Distill

Distill - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

This website is made by Create the Bridge, and it features HD Video Free for Your Personal and Commercial Use. You have to submit your email address, and you’ll get 10 free videos delivered to your inbox every 10 days. The site contains high-quality videos that can be used for social media and creative projects. One can even submit their videos to Distill for approval before they are included in the library. Every clip is approved and handpicked by a team of creatives, all of the videos on the site are high in quality and features appropriate content.

9. Dareful

 Dareful - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

The website features completely free 4K stock video clips. The choice is all yours. Download the video in whatever format suits you. You can use the downloaded videos in all types of personal, professional, or commercial projects. All you need to do is sign up, create your account, and start downloading.  All the content available on the site comes with a royalty-free license allowing you to use it in all types of productions for worldwide distribution, forever.

10. Vidsplay

Vidsplay  - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

This website is perfect for creators looking for generic free stock videos. On this website, new videos are added every week to the collection. In this way, this website acts as a great resource for keeping your social video content fresh. You can easily download the videos from here, and you can share them across your social media platform, or you can use them in your projects without paying royalties. The quality of the videos varies, but, you’ve got some amazing (and free) stock video footage.

The website features many categories to choose from, and all their HD stock videos are completely free. You can easily download the videos. All you have to do is right-click on the download link and then choose “Save Link As.”

11. Clipstill

Clipstill  - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

The website features free high-quality cinemagraphs. A cinemagraphs resemble a GIF, but in cinematography, only some parts of the image are animated on a continuous loop. You can download the cinematography from this website, and you can use them on our social media posts to make them stand out. Moreover, all of the cinemagraphs will be downloaded in an MP4 format, and are free to use for commercial use.

12. Motionarray

Motionarray  - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

This website is an all-in-one video & filmmakers’ platform that allows you to download every asset you need. You can download video templates, stock footage, photos, royalty-free music, and sound effects. You can download the premium pro version and then you can get the benefit of adding unique touches to your videos with native drag & drop plugins. You can easily browse, download, and import everything you need without leaving your favourite applications. Moreover, using this website, you get to collaborate in real-time and get approvals in no time!

13. Story Blocks

 Story Blocks  - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

Story Blocks allows you to download watermarked previews to try in your project, you can even organize your favourite creative assets, and you can share folders with your team or clients. The premium quality video templates available on the site are beneficial to simplify your video editing process. You can either download the video in HD or in 4K quality.  The Story blocks collection is not limited to footages, but, you can even download images and audios.

14. Foca Stock

Foca Stock  - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

Foca Stock platform offers a wide range of free photos, videos, and templates for commercial use. You can easily download them from the site, and you can use them on your website, themes, templates, projects, print materials, social posts, and more. The materials from this site come under CCO license. Hence, you can edit and use the videos for personal or commercial purposes without asking for permission. Moreover, using the website, you can create free custom social media graphics with FOCA Editor, and you can create custom stories, photo posts, cover photos, and more, all by yourself.

15. Pond5

Pond5 - 15 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage (2020)

Pond5 is a New-York based paid stock video library with high-resolution video collection, which you can use. It is one of the most significant resources of quality video content on the Web. Pond5, is claimed to have more than 10.5 million clips. Pond5 consist of some high-quality shots taken with professional cameras.


There are some best websites mentioned above for free stock videos. In my view, you can go for Videezy, with Videezy, you can discuss the footage with other videographers, which makes it more efficient while making selections. Other than that, you can also go for Pond5, as it has the inspiring and most extensive collection of videos.

Which will help in your project but you need to spend some amount of money to use Pond5 Footage. You can find free high-resolution video collection from Pixabay or other websites from this Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage list.

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