Bloomengine: The Perfect Home For Your Pet Plant

Bloomengine The Perfect Home For Your Pet Plant

Adding an indoor plant to your home decor has multiple benefits but it requires some elementary care like watering etc. And our lives are so tiring that we often forget taking care of our plants. Bloomengine is a smart indoor planter that will solve our problem in a go. It creates a better environment for indoor plants. With its innovative technology, the plant can be monitored, watered and cared for any-time and anywhere. It brings the sprouting and beautiful blooming moments of the plant to you in a way you have never experienced before. So, let’s see what it is.


  • App control- You can easily customize environmental conditions for your plants via the Bloomengine application available for Android and iOS devices. Watering and lightning times can be scheduled and even time-lapse setting can be set according to you or your plant’s preferences.
  • Auto irrigation system- its water tank capacity is 1.2L which can store water for 1 month. The internal water pump circulates the water to ensure it stays fresh. You don’t have to always open and close the water tank, you can simply pour the water right over the top and enjoy the sight of water flowing down.
  • Optimised LED lightning for flowers, RGB LED- Its LED technology provides an adequate amount of light necessary for plants to grow indoors. The Lightning chips also emit a warm light which provides an elegant atmosphere for plants to do photosynthesis. You can also control the colour of the light through its smartphone app according to your mood.
  • Built-in full HD camera- With the built-in full HD camera, you can monitor and feel the growth of plants in real time. You can also make time-lapse videos for unbelievable moments of your plant growing during each stage.
  • Micro fan for Air ventilation- The micro ventilation fan accelerates the plant’s growth by supporting the plant’s transpiration process.
  • Easy planting with compressed soil- The compressed soil can be stored for a longer period of time when stored in a dry area. To plant the seed, you have to simply soak the compressed soil with water and place the seed on the top of it.

How to use it?

Bloomengine The Perfect Home For Your Pet Plant

  1. Open the window of the Bloomengine and put on the table safely.
  2. Put the compressed soil in a plate with water and wait for 10-20 minutes for the soil to absorb water.
  3. Insert the soil into the pot and expand in the blog engine.
  4. Flatten the top of the soil with your finger for even distribution.
  5. Put the seeds on the top of the soil and cover it with the remaining soil.
  6. Pour the liquid Fertilizer and water into its water tank through the tray.
  7. Adapt to the power cord and turn LED on.
  8. Pour a cup of water from the top of Bloomengine to fill the water tank.

It takes 3 to 6 months to sprout seeds, grow and bloom flower. In the Bloomengine, you can grow small flowers or herbs and when the plant grows too tall, you can replant it outside.

Why should I be interested in it?

The device offers a new concept of Indore green life with your lovely plants. Taking care of plants become easy and convenient with it. It can also notify you if plants need your help. You can even name your plants as you keep caring for them.

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Bloomengine can make your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even your office looks beautiful by simply adding a nature vibe in the environment. You can also present it as the most memorable gifts to your family or loved ones. Well, that’s sweet.


You can buy this innovative device from at a minimal cost of $149. You can buy other items such as compressed soil, plant or flower seeds and liquid fertilizers from online and offline stores. Click here for more detail.

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