BookYourGame Gets Injunction On Cure.Fit’s New Product Gym.Fit

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Cure. Fit is a Bengaluru-based fitness and wellness tech start-up.  For now, the start-up had to pause on its latest product launch named as Gym. Fit. The order came as a temporary instruction for Bengaluru-based gym booking marketplace BookYourGame by Bengaluru City Civil Court.

The Bengaluru City Civil court, on August 7 has inhibited Cure. Fit start-up company to launch, promote or sell any product or service which uses the name like ‘Gym. Fit, CultX, and’, in any manner until the next hearing which is scheduled on September 11, 2019.

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BookYourGame (BYG) claimed in its petition that made an offer to acquire BYG for about INR 5 Cr in the month of June. However, after placing the offer and once the exchange of crucial data and intellectual property was done, disclaimed the offer made to BYG. The petition also says that employees of BYG began to be inducted as an employee of In the start, the employees were welcomed and greeted but slowly in order to show loyalty to BYG and its employees obeyed the instructions of and they begin to share confidential information.

Basically, uses an online and offline medium to offer:

  1. physical fitness (Cult.Fit)
  2. mental fitness (Mind.Fit)
  3. nutrition (Eat.Fit)

All these offers by Cure. Fit is under the primary vertical named as care vertical (Care.Fit). The company ensures that the bookings for these training through a smartphone application where users can sign up for new classes or sessions.  The company was now all set to launch a national gym subscription called Gym. Fit, which bundles up all the gyms across the city. But because of the allegations by BYG all the launch and marketing under the name ‘Gym. Fit, CultX, and’ has been paused. Cure. Fit also reverted back to the allegations and said that the transaction never proceeded to definitive closure and neither the formal on-boarding of the BYG employees took place. The start-up also added that a fair breakaway fee was also offered to BYG and that Gym. Fit is the’s own internal initiative that has nothing to do with BYG. The company said that because of some potential legal and compliance issues in BYG’s operations the company called off the proposed deal with BYG.

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However, the case between and BookYourGame sounds similar to the case of OYO and Zo Rooms (Zostel) in 2016.  Even today no decision has been taken by the court when we consider the case of OYO and Zo Rooms (Zostel). Let us see how long the battle between CureFit will and BookYourGame last.

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