Best Site to Buy Refurbished Mobiles Phones in India

Buy Refurbished Mobiles Phones

Buying a mobile phone is never an easy task. In this post, we are going to talk about “Refurbished Phones” or “Repackaged” or “Reboxed” smartphones. These words are loosely used interchangeably and mean often the same or similar. And what is the Best Site to Buy Refurbished Mobiles Phones in India? Refurbished phones are quite common and popular amongst the audience due to affordable price tags. But what are these phones? Well, if you haven’t heard of this before, I will explain this with a help of an example.

Suppose you own an iPhone 6s+ and one day you found out that your headphone jack isn’t working so you went to the Apple Repair centre to get it fixed. They suggested going with an exchange. In this manner, you got a new iPhone 6s+ and the store took your old one with the faulty headphone jack. So they repair the jack, repackage the smartphone, and put it up as “Refurbished” or “Repackaged”. They can’t sell the same phone for the original price so they offer a significant price cut for the new buyer.

The significant price cut on an almost new or repaired phone is definitely appealing to the eye and for a majority of cases, it’s a sensible purchase. All you need to take care of is that you are purchasing it from a reputable and well-known source because many sites offer a warranty on refurbished phones. Some disadvantages of buying a refurbished phone may include some dirty camera lens, lack of original screen, low wattage battery, lack of original cables in some cases, etc. Although they provide you with an equivalent substitute for the purchased device, you should keep in mind a few things before purchasing a refurbished smartphone.


Buy Refurbished Mobiles Phones in India

Here’s a list of some websites from where you can get your hands on a refurbished smartphone.

1. Amazon India

Amazon has been one of the most popular places to shop for these repackaged smartphones for a while now. They are quite popular due to their customer support and return period facilities that users can avail of if they receive a faulty product. Also, there’s a great chance that the seller provides a warranty for a year on most of the purchases made.

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2. 2Gud by Flipkart

2Gud by Flipkart is another one of those popular places where people can choose to buy any refurbished smartphone that suits their budget. Most of their products come with easy replacement within 10 days or more based on the product. Along with the replacement benefit, most of the products seem to have a minimum of 6 months warranty.

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3. Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall also features a wide variety of smartphones that are refurbished and available at great discounts. It offers a 7-day return policy on a range of refurbished smartphones and most of them have a 6 month warranty period by the seller. Brands like Apple, Redmi, Samsung are also available through this website.

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4.Bajaj Finserv Market

With no cost EMIs and quick delivery, the Bajaj Finserv Market website also has a decent range of smartphones available which they claim are cheaper than the refurbished smartphones. A majority of these mobile devices come with a year of warranty from the date of purchase.

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5.Electronics Bazaar

Electronics Bazaar which claims to be a Microsoft authorized “refurbisher” seems to have a variety of repackaged or refurbished mobile devices available on its website. They all claim to be available at no cost EMI and comes with a 10-day no-questions-asked return policy. You can find a great number of Redmi and Samsung smartphones on this site.


Quikr is a very popular Indian marketplace and a classified advertising company that allows users to sell, buy, rent or discover anything across India. This website will give you access to sellers who are willing to sell off their old smartphones but you will have to be the judge of what kind of product you are interested in or willing to buy. There’s a good chance that the product you may purchase may not come with any warranty.

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7. Cashify Store

Cashify Store has its own unique collection of refurbished smartphones that includes brands like OnePlus, Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Apple, and much more! The smartphones generally carry a warranty of 6 months and it claims to be PhonePro certified which might be just another fancy terminology to woo the buyer but in this way you can at least claim your warranty if needed.

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8. ShopClues

Another popular online store ShopClues also has its collection of refurbished smartphones available on its website. If you are someone who is into old models (especially Nokia) from the past, there’s a very good chance that you may find it here. It comes with a 10-day return option and some of these models also come with a seller warranty.

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This may not be a well-known or a commonly used website by a lot of people out there but they have a decent collection of smartphones just as well. They have smartphones from brands like – Redmi, OnePlus, Apple, and more. You get a free 3-day return or replacement window on a new purchase and most of these smartphones come with a one-year warranty.

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10. IndiaMart

India Mart is another one of the most popular websites in India which provides a variety of products for consumers. People may find a lot of refurbished phones here. These phones may or may not have a warranty which will all depend on the seller from which the customer will be purchasing.

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There are many more websites on which refurbished smartphones are commonly available but I would highly recommend ordering only from those stores or websites that are trusted and very well known to be on the safer side. Refurbished smartphones are decent and they may last just like a new one.

Which is the best refurbished site in India?

It is recommended to buy from reputable online sellers like Amazon Renewed, Budli, and MobilanMORE.

What are the disadvantages of refurbished?

You don’t know how the person before you treated the device, and you don’t know when it was purchased. 

Are Amazon renewed phones unlocked?

Refurbished phones are pre-owned cell phones that have been returned to like-new condition by the manufacturer. They typically come with a warranty and are unlocked.

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