Call Of Duty Warzone: How To Win In Solos

Call Of Duty Warzone

Call Of Duty Warzone is not an easy game, but playing it solo and winning is a challenge altogether. With no one to help with the loot and no teammates to buy back, the solo challenge is way more difficult and way more different than playing with a squad. The players need to immediately adapt to the gameplay style and be agile. Here we cover some of the best warzone cheats to give you an edge when playing the Call Of Duty Warzone solo.

The dropping zone

The player will need to pick up a safe location to win or be killed. He also needs to ensure sufficient cash for the loadout. There is no one perfect drop that promises a sure-shot win. The gamers should thus be pro at looking at the map to understand the zone’s likely movement and try and figure out the hot spots. The solo players should take care not to land in a location close to the centre of the circle, near a store, near a scavenger contract, or in a hot drop like a hospital or a superstore. If you can figure out a single spot, then landing always in the same location gives you a sense of where the loot boxes and the guns are kept. It also helps to develop better movement and map awareness of that particular location.

Careful weapon selection

Call Of Duty Warzone
Call Of Duty Warzone

The solo players must use guns that are hard-hitting rather than picking up guns with a high-sized magazine. This is because you do not have to fight multiple players at one go. Therefore, look for a weapon that has great damage per shot and shreds at any range.

It is easy to get cash

Everything that you earn comes to you, which make it easy to acquire cash. You may be excited about getting so much cash so fast but would be surprised to see others already lined up in the Buy Station. Buy Station camping is something that you need to be watchful about to make sure that you are well-knitted for a fight even before you reach the station.

Prioritize on looting

Getting the loadout sooner in the match increases the chances of survival. Solo players need cash for the UAV and loadout at the start of the match. If you can, buy a UAV and a loadout to increase your chances of winning. It is best to avoid scavenger contracts because players can get the cash in almost all the map areas without any contract.

Spacing and loadout

The current meta in the warzone is the Sniper support class. In the squad games, most players use the SPR or the Kar98 and pair it with a weapon for close range. However, in the Solos, players need to have a second weapon to increase accuracy and range. Additionally, the weapon should have controllable recoil viable for long and medium range.

The importance of the UAVs

UAVs play a predominant role in the final circle. The killstreak reward is deployable and can be found in the loot drop. You can also buy it at the Buy Stations. When you deploy the UAV, it shows the enemy locations as a red dot for a short time. You can see these dots on the tic map and the minimap, which marks the radius around you, making the UAV of phenomenal use.

Rooftop snipers are powerful

The warzone is a playground for the snipers. Players use the Armor Plates to keep their health to 250 HP. This means that if you can lay your hands on a gun that in a single shot can cause 250 damage, then this is something precious. Playing solo compounds the effect because you have no teammates who can rescue you when you have sniped.

Pay attention to the high alert

The High Alert Perk is not taken lightly when playing the Call Of Duty Warzone solo. The yellow flash around the screen when an enemy spots you keeps you alert and saves your life. It is about taking all the precautionary measures to not get killed in a single shot, and for this, a warning always helps.

Self –revive kits may not be of much use

Self-revive kits are popular when playing in a squad but it does not find much use in solos. If someone is killed in the solos and they down but do not get killed, then this means that they have the self-revive kit. Unless a third party is attacking you, it is easy to just run over to the opponent and kill them. Self-revive kits may come to aid in the long-ranged fights, but their functions are a little mellowed when you play solos.

And this sums up the tips on how to win the Call Of Duty Warzone Solos. After that, of course, things would look silent all around you, but the key is staying alert and always assuming that someone is sneaking up right behind you.

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