Can this Everlast Notebook last till eternity? πŸ€”

Can this Everlast Notebook last till eternity? πŸ€” 1

What is a technological revolution? Is it going to mars or changing a century-old tradition? Well, I am not sure about anyone of that, but I might have found something which can change a century old tradition. The Everlast Notebook is yet another ease to mankind that will surely change the way we take notes. How? Well, it is reusable.

How does Everlast Notebook work?

The notebook works with a pen from the pilot frixtion line, which is easily available online or at any store. Write on the pages and if you want to erase them, all you need to do is wipe the pages with a wet cloth (dry cloth and hand will not work for erasing). The pages of Everlast looks and feels like exactly like a normal paper but they are actually constructed by a polyester composite.

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Now, the question that comes to our mind is, when we are writing and erasing to writing something else, then how can we recover of our lost notes? So, the answer is very much simple all the things that your write or draw on Everlast notebook are stored on cloud.

The notebook comes with a matching Rocketbook app. Using patent-pending image capture technology, the Rocketbook app accurately and quickly captures and sends your notes to pre-configured cloud server like Google drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.


  • EVERLAST NOTEBOOK comes in two sizes
  • 5″Γ— 11″ with 32 pages
  • 6″Γ—8″ with 36 pages
  • Each page has a special QR code which tells the Rocketbook app about the page number of each scan. That means no matter how or when you scan your Everlast, you can always get your notes in correct sequence.
  • Each page has a narrow dark border surrounded it. The border allows Rocketbook app to find your page quickly, which means these borders work as a bookmark.

Why should I buy?

Everlast Notebook last till eternityIf you write down lots of notes and you’re always in constant need of paper & notebooks. Then you should definitely go for this product because Everlast Notebook is the notebook that still gives the users the same traditional feel and ease of paper and pen. It reduces the overall paperwork and a pile of notebooks sitting on your study table. It’s affordable and an environment-friendly, that means now people can save trees for being cut down for papers.


A single notebook with a black frixion pen will cost $34. The pair of notebooks and pen will cost $95. Which is available worldwide with a shipping charge from

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