Change The Way You Take Notes with Titan Note

Change The Way You Take Notes with Titan Note

Unable to complete notes on time? Tired of writing notes every day? There’s no need to worry now. Titan notes will take notes for you more accurately than you can. The device can distinguish who is speaking, and can accurately summarize, translate and edit your notes. Isn’t it exciting?

The technology behind “Titan Note”?

Titan Note basically records everything and converts it into text. It also keeps tracks of who is speaking, so your notes will always be organized. Just put this stylish device at the front, press record and let it do the job.

We can store our ideas more accurately and quickly whenever we want with this pocket-friendly device. I must say this transcription gadget has several eye-catching functionalities. It’s also a portable speaker who has ‘Crystal Clear’ sound so you can listen to music, take calls, charge your phone and much more. If you ever forget Titan Note somewhere, you’ll immediately receive a reminder on your phone.


  • It can distinguish who’s speaking.
  • It can summaries and edit your notes.
  • It can also translate notes, with its built-in translator.
  • You can also listen to music in this tiny object.
  • You can charge you mobile phone and tablet via USB port
  • It’s also water resistant.

Yes, guys. This tiny stylish gadget can do all of this. This device is so popular right now that Pro hacker has included Titan Note in the “5 Coolest Gadgets Every Student’s Must Have #2“. This is an ‘ALL IN ONE’ device which is a must have for everyone.

Why do you need Titan note?

Change The Way You Take Notes with Titan NoteTitan note is a promising device which is set to make our lives easier. It looks really impressive. It is very easy to use and come in handy in a number of situations, especially for a journalist. It can potentially change the way millions of students and professionals take notes. It is the most advanced gadget of its kind. I would love to get my hands on this really cool and portable gadget.


Why wait? Preorder now to get additional discounts. The pricing starts from 80$ which makes it much more appealing. It’s expected to roll out in September 2017.

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  1. The Create Summary feature of Titan Notes, or a device like it, should allow you to customize the length of the summary. Reduce a 1-hour lecture, for example, to a 5-minute or 1-minute summary, or a 10% or 3% summary. This “should” be possible on a mobile device today, given my experience from IBM 40 years ago, but one should always be skeptical.

    EARLY BEGINNINGS — I first saw this trend at American University in the early 1970s while taking an Information Science graduate course and writing about IBM’s SYNTRAN system. Originally developed for System/360 mainframe computers to create automatic abstracts of manuals with hundreds of pages, this SYNtax TRANslation system used its built-in understanding of English to find what was important in each chapter or paragraph. It could then craft abstracts of 250 or 1,000 words that one would swear was written by a human. That was over 40 years ago!

    PERSONALIZATION — If a system like SYNTRAN could be made to run on an old IBM System/360, then certainly a similar but more powerful system could today run on a notebook PC or smartphone, giving individuals their own ability to parse information from many sources and even publish their own summaries and versions of “news” with whatever spin they want. Such a system, with different parameters, could produce short blog articles, even shorter tweets, or long-format articles and white papers, and be tilted toward conservatism or progressiveness.

    AUTO-MESSAGING — Law firms are already using IBM Watson-style AI systems, instead of focus groups, to select arguments that will resonate best with juries, and marketers are starting to do the same with marketing messages. Political scientists will soon use AI to frame issues, craft platforms, and select campaign slogans That help them influence voters and gain or hold political power.

  2. Did anyone actually TEST a physical device? You just reported on their marketing material , didn’t you? How can so many people be up for an 18 month old project and NO one has laid a hand on a physical device? Their vids are number 3. Their vids show no device in an actual meeting room with multiple people nor a lecture hall with seating of at least 50 people. How can you expect your followers to continue with your articles after false reporting?

    1. I think you misunderstood the article, we are not highlighting the product. We just want people to know that these technology and gadget exist, That’s it. We believe that technology is not just about Smartphone and tips, so we expanding in some areas. This phase is just an experiment. But if in any case we get a hond on this product, i think then you’ll surely read some negative reviews.
      Thanks for your suggestion by the way. 😎

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