Charge your devices anytime, anywhere with Kogalla Solar Storage Bank

Kogalla Solar Storage Bank

Tired of carrying bulky power banks for charging your electronic gadgets in your storage bank wherever you go? Why not have a storage bank which can be your portable charger whenever you want and wherever you go?

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If you’re looking for something like that, then Kogalla is the right storage bank for you. This device is a storage bank which can charge all your electronic gadgets like your phone, speakers, mp3 players via USB cable. On top of that this device can charge itself from solar energy as well as by electricity. This portable device looks very sleek and stylish. It also has a cool accessory pouch which includes USB light, micro-USB cable and lightening cable.


  • Ultra-Portable Kit: The Solar Storage Bank is a high-energy, ultra-slim power bank matched to a high-efficiency foldable solar array housed in the rugged waterproof fabric. This compact, portable kit includes a zippered pouch for accessories. The kit also includes a USB light, micro-USB cable and lightning cable.
  • Rapid Solar Charging: 22 W solar panel provides fast charging in full sunlight.
  • Anywhere you Go: Matching panels to storage bank provides optimal energy harvesting even in low light.
  • Powerful solar array: Dual USB-A power ports (12 W) powers lights and charges any USB device.
  • Rapid Solar Charging: In full sun with reasonable orientation, the SSB2210 will recharge the internal 10,000 mAh storage bank in three to four hours. That’s enough energy to charge an average smartphone three to five times.
  • Charge Your Phone at Night: Having an integrated storage bank lets you keep your phone with you during the day and recharge it after sundown. The unit’s 10,000mAh capacity provides enough energy to charge your phone, a GPS, a rechargeable flashlight and run the included USB light all night long with the power to spare.

Other features:

  • Whenever the Red Solar LED is on you know the unit is charging from the solar panels.
  • The four blue Charge Status LEDs indicate storage bank charge status like a fuel gauge.
  • The accessory pouch includes USB light, micro-USB cable and lightening cable.
  • The plastic case and waterproof material protect the device from minor water exposure.

Why should I buy it?

Kogalla Solar Storage BankThis compact portable device has very distinct and convenient features. It gives you the power to stay connected. It can charge all those electronic gears that are rechargeable via USB. This idea is really very revolutionary and it is a must have for every gadget lover. With its sleek and stylish design and multiple useful features, this device can be really useful for all of us.


This device is available for order since January 2017 on Its pricing starts from 159$. If you are also in love with this device like several others, then why wait. Go and grab it now.

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