Checklist for Recruiting an AdWords management Services company

Checklist for Recruiting an AdWords management Services company 1

When you have made the decision to hire an AdWords management Services company, it can be a little difficult to know where to begin with your recruitment. By nature of their work, a lot of agencies will appear when you search for them! This article shows you how you should go about selecting an agency and getting your campaigns off and running!

Considering your AdWords campaign management

Firstly, make a shortlist of AdWords management services. Then ask your shortlisted companies the same question – what experience they have in managing campaigns, and also to demonstrate some of the results they have achieved. AdWords can bring in great results, but if done incorrectly they can also be a drain on your budget and be an expensive waste of money.

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Are your campaigns optimized?

If you have been running your campaigns yourself, or not achieving the results you would like from your campaigns, there are a few things to look out for.

Are you not seeing the results you’d like out of your pay per click campaign?

Some key mistakes to avoid are to cluster your ads into only a small number of groups. This limits your options and can chew up your budget very quickly. Keywords are also crucial. Using less than 50 keywords or using either negative or too general keywords will also lead to your campaign failing. Limiting yourself to only one campaign, or not using extensions for your ads will also impede the effectiveness, as will not fully analyzing your results and using them to fine-tune your campaigns on an ongoing basis.

How to choose your AdWords campaign management company

Your agency should be your experts, and you should be able to trust them with your google adwords management. They should present a clear plan to you, and provide clear goals of clicks per keyword.

If you are already running a campaign, the new agency’s first job should be to evaluate that campaign and take learnings from it in order to better optimize your next campaigns. If they do not do this, there is the chance that they are using the same generalized approach for all campaigns – a definite no-no.

Money talks

Your budget will depend on how much return you are trying to glean from your campaign. Your chosen agency should be able to suggest a sensible budget based on your goals, and to achieve the return on investment you seek. A good adwords management company will understand that it is not all about your budget, but how you invest it that makes the difference.

Analyze your AdWords

There are a whole host of analytics tools available for measuring your investment in AdWords, and it is a great idea to find some that you are comfortable using. But ask your chosen AdWords management company to recommend some easy to use analytics platforms to help you keep track of your investments, and to work with them to fine-tune the campaigns as they progress.

While it might be tempting to manage Adwords for yourself, finding and engaging the right AdWords management company can be highly lucrative and ensure you get the best possible return on your investment. You should be clear on your goals and objectives from the campaign, and be sure to regularly analyze your investment in order to fine-tune it.

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