ControlZ Partners with Bajaj Finserv to Revolutionize Renewed Smartphone Financing


An exciting new cooperation between ControlZ, a top-tier reborn smartphone brand, and Bajaj Finserv, India’s largest diversified non-banking lending organization, has been announced. The improved financing possibilities made possible by this partnership are going to make refurbished Smartphones far more popular.

ControlZ and Bajaj Finserv have partnered to make updated Smartphones more widely available and cheap. Customers may easily luxuriate in a reimagined smartphone experience with no initial investment and the option of interest-free monthly payments.

ControlZ was founded and is led by CEO Yug Bhatia, who said, “We are thrilled to announce our cooperation with Bajaj Finserv to simplify and improve the customer purchasing experience.

This partnership enables us to provide even more financing choices, making quality renewed smartphones available to a broader audience, in keeping with ControlZ’s ongoing mission to make every experience As Good as New and fulfil the increasing demands of our clients. This agreement is a big step in the right direction toward ensuring that people of all income levels have access to cutting-edge technology.

CEO of ControlZ techniblogic
Mr. Yug Bhatia, CEO of ControlZ

The founder and CEO of ControlZ, Mr. Yug Bhatia, commented on the matter, saying, “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Bajaj Finserv to simplify and enhance the consumer buying experience. At ControlZ, we constantly strive to make every experience As Good as New, meet the evolving needs of our customers, and this collaboration allows us to offer even more financing options, making premium renewed smartphones accessible to a wider audience. We want to ensure that everyone can experience the latest technology without financial constraints, and this partnership represents a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

ControlZ and Bajaj Finserv are joining forces because we are both dedicated to providing excellent value and service to our customers. Our goal is to revolutionize the industry and make it easy and cheap for people to purchase the pre-owned smartphones of their choice by combining our knowledge of premium smartphone renewal with Bajaj Finserv’s extensive financing choices.

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