Cool Apps Every Teenage Girl Must Have in 2019

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13 Going on 30, that’s exactly my life is these days. I remember when I was at your age, I wanted that savage and fun life, prettiest in all pictures, perfecto hairstyles, the best of the best Insta captions. I just wish somebody should have guided me during that time, a little help would have been okay, because wanting to know what will be the most preferable date of my next periods and every change happening in my body is normal or weird, is a conundrum. Yes, talking to parents help but isn’t that the last option? Oh internet, why weren’t you there.

I so envy you; you have a lot of options these days, and of pun I’ll add more for your comfort. Here is the list of few cool applications that you can must have as your daily driver.

Cool Apps Every Teenage Girl Must Have

Period Tracker Flo, Ovulation and pregnancy calendar

[appbox googleplay screenshots org.iggymedia.periodtracker]

Period Tracker Flo is a smart period and Ovulation tracking app that tracks your cycle, period days, and PMS. It comes with amazing features like Ovulation calender, Pregnancy calculator and tracker, lifestyle and fitness tracker, reminders, graphs, medical, and scientific knowledge. This app is very valuable in terms of your health and fitness. It reminds you to tune into your body while navigating life’s day-to-day hustle to push through.

Best Hairstyles step by step

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.infokombinat.hairstyle2]

Best Hairstyles step by step is a free app with loads of hairstyles tutorials which are easy to make. The step by step tutorials of hairstyles are by professional stylists and photographers. There are different hairstyles according to different occasions, whether it be a wedding, prom, farewell, sports etc. It is an app that every girl must have to look managed and beautiful at their sweet sixteen. It has great easy, detailed, and slow visual execution of hairstyles, which will guide you properly.

Beauty Makeup Tutorial

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.gatoapps.beautymakeuptutorials]

Beauty makeup tutorials is an app for girls who love to do makeup and want to look their best at their teens. This app will teach you how to do makeup for different occasions. This app is very easy to use, informative, and also explains everything clearly. It has beauty tutorials from basic makeup tricks to glam makeup tricks so that you can look perfect on every occasion. This app not even tells us how to do natural makeup but also tells us how to reduce wrinkles through makeup. It is perfect for every age girl or woman who loves makeup.

Learn English with duolingo

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.duolingo]

Learn English with duolingo is an app that is best for students who want to learn English from basic. It has around 2000 words and 8000 sentences in more than 20000 different exercises and fun games to improve your grammar and pronunciation. It is very fast, easy, and consume very fewer data. This app has a very attractive UI and is better at teaching languages than any other app. It introduces you to a new writing system gradually and then makes the necessary repetition and memorization enjoyable by turning them into a fun little daily exercise.


[appbox googleplay screenshots wp.wattpad]

Wattpad is a social storytelling app that connects a global community of 70 million readers and writers through story. You can also comment directly on stories that you read and support writers and readers that you like. You can write and publish your creation and can also chat with fellow readers. It gives unlimited access to tons of books, and when you’re at a loss of books, it automatically gives you fresh recommendations of what to read based on your previous reading history.

Tik Tok

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.zhiliaoapp.musically]

Tik Tok is very famous among youngsters. It is an app where you can showcase your inner talents by creating and sharing 3 to 60 seconds of lip sync, comedy, and singing videos. It has several amazing features that make your videos look more magical. Users can add background music of their own choice in any language as it has a variety of music genres. You can also trim, merge, duplicate, edit your video clips with several filters and add effects to make your videos more attractive. You can follow your favourite creators and get followed by different users.


[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Time Tune is an app that will help you manage your time, routines, events etc. You can use time tune as your task reminder, routine manager, student calendar, timetable planner, habit creation tool, and what not. This app will help you make every minute productive by improving your daily routine. It is an excellent app for procrastinators, and those continuously forget things, it helps to keep them on track. It is easy to customize precisely and beneficial for people who don’t know how to balance time.

Study Music Memory Booster

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.UtkuGogen.CalismaMuzikleri]

Study music memory booster is a music app for studying, reading, and concentration. You just need to plug in your handsfree and play the music while you study. It separates you from external disturbance and helps you to gain your focus. It prevents you from the distraction caused by notifications and messages while studying. Its mesmerizing music helps you feel relaxed so that you can study peacefully. It makes your study session more productive with some great music.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.lucid_dreaming.awoken]

Awoken is lucid dreaming tool that helps to connect you to your dreams. It comes with totem sound, which will awaken your mind while you’re dreaming and help you trigger a reality check from both outsides or inside dreams. It has simple explanations to the basics of lucid dreaming, and you can use it for recording your thoughts, which is much quicker than using a pen and paper. You can also create a cloud backup of your dreams and protect your ideas


I have listed almost all the applications which can be of great benefits to all of you. I mean I have all of them installed in my smart phone and all these apps help me in one way or another. So, now without worry, use the best hairstyle app and get the best hairstyle for yourself. No more being afraid of the scary or creepy dude who is following you on your way to somewhere. Use the RedEye App for your own safety. After all in the world full of smart applications who would still choose to carry a bottle of red chilli powder in their purse to scare the creepy guys? So, No more second thoughts or self-doubts. With all these applications choose to become the caretaker and the decision maker for yourself.

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