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10 Cool Games Like Slither.io You Must Play in 2019


Okay! In the era full of complexity, why not to go for the games that are simple, easy and fun to play. Minimalism is the conciseness of the game design. Minimalistic games are the games that favour the audience more logically by favouring simplicity over complexity. No doubt games are enjoyable, interesting, funny and a very good way to pass time while you are doing something boring. If you are one of those kinds of people who loves to play simple mobile games without complexity just to pass your time, then, you are in the right place. This article is all about 10 best Minimalistic games and here is the list of the games:

Here are 10 Similar Games Like Slither.io :

  1. slither.io (itself)

[appbox googleplay screenshots air.com.hypah.io.slither]

So here on the top list is Slither.io itself. It is a multiplayer video game available for various platforms such as iOS, Android and web browsers. The game came into limelight after it was advertised by leading YouTubers such as PewDiePie. After getting all the limelight on YouTube, the game all topped the App Store soon. The main agenda of the game is to grow the longest work in the server. This game works on a similar concept of the classic arcade game called Snake.

  1. Hole.io

[appbox googleplay screenshots io.voodoo.holeio]

It is a puzzle game that works on Battle Royale mechanics. This game is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms. In this game, the players have to control the black hole moving around urban areas. This app has received positive responses but some critics claim that this game is clone/copy of the 2018 independent game called Donut Country.

  1. Agar.io

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.miniclip.agar.io]

It is a multiplayer online action game. This game is praised for its simplicity, competition and mechanics. The main of the game is to gain as much mass as possible by eating agar (a substance that is used to culture bacteria) and also, your cells should be smaller than the player’s cell.

  1.  diep.io

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.miniclip.diep.io]

It is a smash hit multiplayer tank game. It focuses on 3 things: move, shoot and survive. One has to destroy blocks and other players to gain XP. You can also upgrade your tank to a new class where you get too many options like a machine gun, guided missiles, cannons in every direction. One thing to remember while playing this game is to turn on the internet connection.

  1. Rush.io – Multiplayer

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.timuzgames.rush.io]

This game is based on the jungle theme, where the animals are out to hunt each other and become the biggest one of them all. All you have to do is to locate the tiny food particles and move over them to eat. And, apparently, the more you eat, the stronger the animal you become. After attaining a certain size, your next target is to eat smaller animals and get bigger and if in this process your head touches the head of another animal, you are going to explode and then your game gets over.

  1. Paper.io 2

[appbox googleplay screenshots io.voodoo.paper2]

It is a real-time multiplayer game. In this game, you have to try to conquer as much territory as possible In order to beat the competition. This game is the follow up to the hit Paper.io Game. The game is exclusively available for free on Playstore.

  1. Worm.is: The Game

[appbox googleplay screenshots air.com.freakinware.wormis]

It is an incredibly addicting multiplayer game in which you are a worm and you have to slither around for food to eat in order to increase your size. In this process of slithering and eating, if your head hits the head of another worm, you become food for that worm and your game ends at that point. So, here’s an advice: try to intercept your enemies as they slither to kill them and eat their mass.

  1. Mitosis: The Game

[appbox googleplay screenshots air.com.freakinware.mitosis]

All the bio students might know about the term “mitosis”. Mitosis in biology means the division of cells into two daughter cells. The game mitos.is works on a similar concept too. In this game players are cells and first of all, they have to eat more other smaller cells in order to grow and increase their size after that they have split themselves again into smaller cells so that they increase their speed and can eat more other cells (players).

  1. splix.io

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.Jespertheend.splix]

This game is the same as Paper.io 2 Game. In this game, you have to conquer as much land as possible and try to become the biggest of them all. It is an online game and you have to surround a group of blocks and come back to your own land in order to fill the group of blocks your colour. But, if someone hits your trail, you will die and your game is over.

  1.  Arrow.io

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.cmcm.arrowio]

Arrow.io Game allows users to fight against global players online. There is a virtual control lever by which you can control the motion and you can defeat your opponents with your arrow. Each and every update of this game enables random skill upgrade and thus the combination of hundreds of skills makes this game unpredictable.


Life is Complex. People are complicated. Let’s have games that are simple and sorted. The above-mentioned all the Minimalistic games are easy to install and play. All these games have unique features and unique agenda. Not all of us are the same. Not everybody likes to play PUBG. Some of us still crave to play games like snakes. Right? So, for all the people who love to play simple and sorted games the list of the best Minimalistic game is right in front of your eyesight. Download them, play them and enjoy them.

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Ankita Yadav
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