Crescent Lighting Patents Revolutionary LED Flood Light and LED Street Light Solutions

Crescent Lighting Patents Revolutionary LED Flood Light and LED Street Light Solutions

Two of their innovations, the RAW LED Street Light and the recently released RAW LED Flood Light, have been granted an exclusive patent by the Indian government, making them the exclusive property of India’s leading vertically integrated LED lighting manufacturing company. Both the CRS70 – RAW – LED Street Light DESIGN NO – 378535-001 and the CRF90 – RAW – LED Flood Light DESIGN NO – 378310-001 are state-of-the-art lighting solutions engineered to deliver maximum illumination while minimizing power consumption and maintaining a long service life.

Crescent Lighting is an innovative company that has been at the forefront of the lighting business since its inception. Using cutting-edge LED technology, products like the RAW LED Street Light- CRS70 and the RAW LED Flood Light- CRF90 demonstrate the company’s dedication to revolutionising the lighting sector. The RAW LED Flood Light, proudly made in India, is a best-seller because to its innovative design and high level of performance. This flood light, built with state-of-the-art technology, guarantees not only extraordinary brightness but also enduring durability and dependability. It’s sturdy construction ensures years of reliable, high-quality illumination. Visit for further details on Crescent Lighting’s offerings.

The RAW LED Street Light- CRS70, made from PC (polycarbonate) material, is the first of its sort in India. Its cutting-edge efficiency and durability usher in a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

The RAW LED Flood Light- CRF90 and RAW LED Street Light from Crescent Lighting are two examples of the company’s dedication to technological advancement and premium components. The PC material and polycarbonate anti-corrosive cradle of the RAW LED Flood Light- CRF90 and the Polycarbonate fixture with an IP65 certification of the RAW LED Street Light set them apart from the competition. Improve pedestrian and motorist safety with the RAW LED Street Light, an effective and economical method of lighting public areas. Over a million copies have been sold throughout the country. Crescent Lighting is committed to providing cutting-edge and dependable lighting solutions to its varied clientele, as seen by the success of its RAW LED Flood Light and RAW LED Street Light.

Products from Crescent Lighting are renowned for their superior energy efficiency, saving as much as 80% on energy costs without sacrificing light output. Products from this manufacturer have a long lifespan (up to 50,000 hours according to LM80 certification) and are safe for the environment (no UV/IR, mercury, or other harmful components are present). They provide 10% more lumens than leading competitors, are easily installed, and need almost no upkeep. Referring to the latest technological advancement.

Mr. Ankur Mehta, Founder and Chairman, Crescent Lighting said,” We are pleased to announce the release of two new lights, the CRF90 – RAW – LED Flood Light and the CRS70 – LED Street Light, both of which are unique ‘Make in India’ innovations. These state-of-the-art goods are made in the area and provide unrivalled luminosity, energy efficiency, and longevity. The RAW LED Flood Light and RAW Street Light are revolutionary in the way they light up their surroundings with a natural, uniform glow. We are thrilled to provide this innovative service, which will revolutionise outdoor lighting while also helping our clients save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and keep jobs in their communities.

LED panel lights, junction box lights, COB spotlights, LED office lights, bulkheads, floodlights, streetlights, highway lights, ceiling lights, picture and mirror lights, spotlights, track lights, wall lights, foot lights, SMD strip and rope lights, lighting accessories, high-quality drivers and SMPS, and smart lights are just some of the many products available from Crescent Lighting. Crescent Lighting’s products are not only attractive, but they are also durable and long-lasting thanks to their use of high-quality polycarbonate that won’t yellow or crack. Using state-of-the-art LED technology, efficient heat dissipation systems, and lower light depreciation than rivals, the business creates products with extended lifespans.  They are built to withstand the harsh conditions of the Indian climate and have higher safety requirements than competing products.

The company’s wares have found applications in construction, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and academia, among others. By prioritising product development, quality, and customer satisfaction, Crescent Lighting is positioned to become India’s leading LED lighting provider. The company’s dedication to providing energy-efficient lighting solutions for a wide range of applications, along with its expertise, makes it the top choice for customers who want only the best lighting products.

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