Crossbeats new ROADEYE DASH CAM offers 360-degree protection and high-tech driving assistance.

Crossbeats new ROADEYE DASH CAM

The ROADEYE DASH CAM, made by India’s first consumer electronics company, is packed with high-tech extras that are specifically designed with millennial drivers in mind. The RoadEye Dash Cam is packed with cool features that will make your trips safer and more enjoyable, such as a 360-degree view (front and back), Anti-theft functionality, G-sensor protection, lane departure warnings, and more.

With HD 1296P Dual Recording, both the front and rear cameras are powered by Sony IMX, giving you a clear picture of what’s going on around you no matter where you are. The 3-inch LCD Touchscreen provides instantaneous playback of your recordings, simple navigation, and vivid playback of every moment. Thanks to the Pro Night Vision and 6-Glass Wide Angle Lens, high-quality video can be captured in dim settings with ease.

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Safeguarding you from harm is G-Sensor Protection, which uses artificial intelligence to identify collisions and automatically begin recording. ALDATM (Accidental Lane Departure notifications) and FOCATM (Forward Object Crash Alerts) are state-of-the-art technologies that will keep you safe on the road with their real-time notifications.

Avoid parking-related mishaps and theft with the help of the Parking Monitor’s anti-theft function. Loop Recording & 24/7 Safety allows you to record continuously without interruption, overwriting previous footage at a predetermined interval, so that you may hit the road with confidence at any time. Using Time lapse Video, a regular commute may be transformed into a fascinating social media video.

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The Crossbeats RoadEye Dash Cam is a cutting-edge device with sophisticated wireless connection that prioritizes user-friendliness.  The KACAM app serves as your virtual copilot, letting you manage your camera, monitor its location on a map, and transfer files wirelessly. You can be certain that you will always have access to the latest features and enhancements thanks to OTA Support, which ensures that your device is constantly up to date.

Mr. Abhinav Agarwal, Co-founder of Crossbeats, said in a statement upon the release of the company’s newest product, “We’ve redefined road safety by seamlessly integrating smart technology into the driving experience. In addition to preserving precious moments, our brand new RoadEye Dash Cam provides drivers with state-of-the-art features that enhance their driving experience and help them avoid costly traffic citations.

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The Crossbeats RoadEye Dash Cam, available at the low, low price of only INR 6999, promises to revolutionize our understanding of vehicle security. Beginning September 4th, you may purchase RoadEye on Amazon, with more retailers and the official website to follow.

When it comes to smart tech goods, Crossbeats is always one step ahead of the competition by pushing the limits of science, art, engineering, and technology on behalf of the next generation of Indian youth. Crossbeats, located in Bangalore and founded in 2015 by brothers Abhinav and Archit Agarwal, produces genuine wireless goods such as smart watches, earphones, and headphones. The company expects to boost local manufacturing by 45 percent by 2024, after selling a million units of its goods in 2022.

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