7 of the Most Needed Custom Medical Software Development Services in Pandemic Times

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If you are a custom medical software development company, you’ve probably had your hands full in the last two years. Healthcare custom software development services and apps were used for COVID-19 contact tracing, vaccination registration and compliance, dispensing advice to the public, and telemedical diagnosis and treatment. 

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Even as the pandemic is slowly being brought under control, custom medical software development services remain in high demand. There’s still plenty of work to be done out there!


The Top Apps You Should Build if You Hire a Custom Medical Software Development Company in 2022

Innovation in healthcare is accelerating rapidly. Frost and Sullivan believe that there was a 64% increase in virtual healthcare demand in 2020, and this is expected to increase sevenfold by 2025. (Clearly, it’s a great time to be involved with custom healthcare app development). 

Symptoms Apps Software Development in Healthcare Industry

During the pandemic, COVID-19 screening tools using guidelines from the CDC were extremely helpful. These tools help individuals that are feeling sick determine whether they should isolate, visit a doctor, or go for a COVID-19 test based on their symptoms. It also helps individuals track their symptoms and provides tips for isolation. 

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Contract Tracing Apps

Healthcare development services aren’t just focused on treatment and diagnosis – they can also be helpful when it comes to preventing spreading illnesses during an outbreak. Contact tracing apps inform users if they’ve been in contact with someone with COVID-19 and help them alert others. These apps also help monitor people’s movements, which can help governments control the spread and prepare for outbreaks. 

Health Monitoring Apps

Remote health monitoring apps help doctors keep an eye on patients without overwhelming hospitals that were already at capacity during the pandemic. These apps collect data on vital signs and symptoms and pass the information to doctors, who can analyze the data and look for red flags.

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It can also be used to help doctors understand how patients have been affected in the long- and short-term by diseases like COVID-19. Thermometer apps track your temperature, and pulse oximeter apps can measure how much oxygen is present in your blood. 

Prevalence Apps

The CDC has an official app that measures confirmed cases and deaths across the world. These apps can help identify areas where diseases are starting to break out and can provide valuable insights to travellers and governments. 

Research apps

Individuals that have been diagnosed with diseases like COVID-19 or auto-immune diseases like lupus can submit data about their health and symptoms to help researchers better understand various illnesses. This information can be used for the betterment of medical treatment and early diagnosis of certain illnesses. 

Social Distancing and Capacity Control Apps

Minimizing your contact with others is a good way for all of us to do our part during a pandemic. Offices can use apps, Bluetooth beacons, and geofencing to let employees and visitors know when a space is reaching capability; restaurants can use an app to let diners know when their table is ready so that they don’t overcrowd the bar area. 

Vaccination Registration 

Now that vaccine programs are rolling out, and vaccine passports are becoming mandatory for travellers and workers, apps can be used to keep track of vaccinations. 

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Clearly, if you are a custom medical software development company, there is lots of work to be done. While COVID-19 will hopefully be a thing of the past soon, there’s no telling what viruses can threaten global safety in the future. Technology can play an important role in preventing and containing pandemics. We have to be ready!

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