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CZUR Shine Ultra Scanner – Next Gen Portable Scanner 2020


Have you ever thought that scanning would be so easy and interesting that you can scan an entire book in minutes and can make video presentation while you are scanning? With Shine Ultra, it is. CZUR Shine Ultra is a next-generation portable and powerful scanner that features “curve-flatten technology”, auto-focus and auto page-turning detecting. It is the fastest and most portable scanner on the market.

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How to use it?

  • It is a portable device and you can use it wherever you want.
  • Open CZUR Shine app and start scanning.
  • There is a portable and petite foot pedal for easy scanning control.
  • You can scan an entire book in high-resolution quality in minutes.
  • You can scan books, documents, coloured pages and photos in high-resolution quality.
  • With OCR technology, you can transfer scanned images into editable files.
  • You can also record video while doing the scanning.

CZUR Shine Ultra scanner Features


  • It has auto-focus, auto page-turning detecting feature, and has a super handy foot pedal for hands-free operation.
  • It scans books at an incredible one second per page that means you can scan an entire 300-page book in 10 minutes.
  • With its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, you can transfer scanned pages into editable files.
  • This powerful scanner supports over 180 languages.
  • With Curve-Flatten Technology, it automatically removes curvature and saves your time.
  • It also features Correct Positioning, Multi-target Scanning, Smart Paging and can remove fingerprint and purify background.
  • It produces 13 full-sized megapixel high-resolution scans at 340 DPI.
  • Its video-recording feature allows you to record a video while you are scanning.
  • It is a portable device that weighs only1 kg.

Why should we buy this?

It is more affordable compared to other scanners in the market. Shine Ultra gives you crystal clear scanning quality. With this, you can not only scan books and documents but also scan your ID, passport, receipts, stamps, bar codes, QR codes, and even your memories. It has a feature with which you can record videos. So, this scanner can be used in office presentations and can be used by teachers while teaching. You can take this portable scanner wherever you go- library, office, coffee shop, airport lounge, home.


You can buy the most portable CZUR Shine Ultra scanner at an affordable price of $149 from the Indiegogo site. Click here for more details.

Disclaimer: We have not tested this gadget personally, please research about the company and its policies before buying this product.

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