DEEP Web and DARK Web Explained – How to access the Dark Web?

DEEP Web and DARK Web Explained

If you think that just because you use the internet daily you’ve got a complete hang on it, we would recommend rethinking, because like everything, even the internet has got some deep, dark secrets. Technically speaking, the internet which we use in our daily life only constitutes about 4-5% of the entire internet. Commonly, it is known as the surface web. So, if you’re reading this article, you’re accessing the Surface web. Other than surface web, the internet is divided into two more sections; deep web and dark web. Here we’ll discuss them one by one.

What is DEEP Web?

In simple terms, you can think of the deep web as the part of the internet, which you cannot access using banal search engines. You need to have a specific address or URLs or proper credentials to access. Some examples may include, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Confidential information of any college or any University may be stored in Deep web. Fun facts; The deep web constitutes more than 96% of the entire internet.

What is DARK Web?

What is DARK WebDark web is that part of the deep web, which is used for various illegal purposes like trafficking of weapons, child pornography, and much more. One thing about the dark web is that you cannot access it using your conventional browsers. You need a special browser like TOR browser to access it. Initially, the dark web was developed by the US Navy as a form to transfer confidential information but now it has become the black market of the internet. The deep web is pretty clean but dark web contains all those criminal, unconventional activities going, hence the name dark web.

Advantages of Deep web and Dark web

  • People who use dark or deep web can stay anonymous. Thus, you can share whatever information you wish without revealing your true identity. This can be very beneficial for any whistleblower.
  • There are many vendors available on the dark web from whom you can buy goods/drugs at a much cheaper rate than usual.
  • You can find products and buy them on the dark web that is not even in your country.
  • Here everything will be at your convenience, no physical contact no data leaks, plus you can get deliver whatever you wish at your shipping address in no time.

Disadvantages of Deep web and Dark web

  • If you’re not cautious enough and buying something illegal, you may get into trouble with the law.
  • The package you order is the package delivered cannot be guaranteed.
  • For international shipments, your package may be seized if it contains anything objectionable.
  • Most of the payment is done through your digital wallet, so you need to ensure that your money is secured.

How to access the Dark Web?

What is Tor BrowserIn order to access the dark web, use TOR Browser. Do not use TOR browser in full screen, don’t use Skype or any other social media sites while performing any transactions. We have already covered an article on how to use the TOR browser. Use proper VPN and follow all the instructions discussed and be cautious.


If you’re a curious soul, you may find deep/dark web intimidating. The only reason they exist is that they offer a great security level to your privacy and anonymity. If you want to find knowledge regarding anything, you may find a vast group of anonymous people or a community who will share everything that will surely draw your attention. But you may also encounter something which may leave you into a shock. There is a vast market of illegal trafficking of weapons/drugs. So just be cautious in what you’re looking for and what you may get into.

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