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Dell Technologies Unveils New Range of Intelligent PCs for Hybrid Work Environment in India

Dell Technologies unveiled its newest business range in India, including Latitude Notebooks, Precision Mobile Workstations (MWS), OptiPlex AIO Desktop, and 34-inch Ultrasharp Curved WQHD Monitor. 13th Gen Intel® CoreTM CPUs and enhanced Dell Optimizer capabilities help organisations speed their digital transformation in the hybrid work environment.

The newest Dell Optimizer expands PC intelligence throughout the computing environment. It simplifies managing displays and peripherals in one interface, providing intelligent audio, privacy, connection, and collaboration that learns and adapts to user workflows. The Dell Ultrasharp 34-inch Curved USB-C Hub Monitor with IPS Black and ComfortView Plus has a 3-sided slim bezel.

“As hybrid work increasingly becomes the standard in most Indian organisations, so does the importance of driving quality employee engagement,” said Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director and General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India, on the launch. Employees need AI-powered, portable, and productive Intelligent PCs.

Mobile form factors with smart features and bigger displays for work efficiency are needed. Our new commercial portfolio satisfies modern labour demands while being ecologically sustainable. They are engineered to perform with extended Dell Optimizer capabilities that offer intelligent customisation from the PC to the ecosystem.”

Intelligent PCs for Hybrid Work Environment

Graphic designers, architects, and engineers must effectively analyse enormous databases and perform anywhere. The Precision 5680, with up to Intel® CoreTM i9 (45W) CPUs and 64GB of DDR5 memory, is appropriate for such use cases.

The Precision 5680 is the world’s smallest 16-inch workstation, with a crisp 16:10, three-sided InfinityEdge display, haptic trackpad for quick and responsive feedback, four grade A audio speakers, up to UHD+ PremierColor display, and FHD IR camera with proximity and ambient light sensor. Its HDMI connector, full-size SD card slot, and optional smart card reader provide it unmatched power and performance.

Environment Friendly Products

Sustainable technologies, from packaging to circular product design, should drive the future of employment. Dell’s most environmentally friendly laptops are the Latitude 5000 series. Over the preceding 5000 series, 64% more recycled and renewable plastic was used by weight.

Dell is also using recycled copper in the power adapters of Latitude 9440, Precision 5680, and Precision 3000 series. All Latitude and Precision products arrive in 100% recyclable or renewable packaging. Dell Optimizer’s “Quiet Mode” may save Indian organisations 18% on electricity.

Dell expanded their Precision range, including the entry-level Precision 3480 and the most powerful mobile Precision 7780. The Precision 3480, a 14-inch workstation for collaboration, business, and office applications, and the Precision 7780, a 17-inch device, combine performance, speed, and durability to bring ideas to life.

Dell Technologies New Range Prices without Taxes

ModelStarting Price (INR)
Dell Latitude 9440 194,900
Dell Latitude 7440 Ultralight124,900
Dell Latitude 7640 115,000
Dell Latitude 7340 105,000
Dell Latitude 5440 87,000
Dell Latitude 354060,000
Dell Latitude 3340 65,000
Dell Latitude 344059,000
Dell Precision 7780 149,000
Dell Precision 5680145,000
Dell Precision 348076,000
Dell OptiPlex 7410 AIO64,500
Dell Ultrasharp 34 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor U3423WE 56,000

Modern Workstation with Powerful Desktop and Quality Display

Dell’s new OptiPlex line, including the 7410 AIO Desktop, is easy to setup, buy, and administer. Dell condensed the portfolio so consumers may readily select the system based on workspace and performance demands. It introduces the simpler model naming standard. The sleek 24-inch OptiPlex 7410 AIO desktop has up to Intel® CoreTM i9 CPUs and 64GB DDR5 memory.

The retractable FHD or 5MP IR camera with Express Sign-in and intelligent privacy provides uninterrupted video conversations. Ergonomic stands and low-blue light-certified touch and non-touch panels make all-day use pleasant.

Dell is also delivering the Ultrasharp 34-inch Curved USB-C Hub WQHD Monitor with IPS Black technology, a 2000:1 contrast ratio, and better black and grey performance for those who require a more complete work setup.

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