Best Discord Alternative Download for Free 2021

Best Discord Alternatives Best Discord Alternative Download for Free

Have a problem with Discord? Here is the Best Discord Alternative Download for Free? There has been a very major shift to audio-related content consumption, it seems to be the thing of the “present” and most likely a thing of “future”. Anyway, this post is about some of those applications which are making some noise in the communication world like Discord.

Discord is one of the most popular voice, video, and text chat app that is commonly used by a lot of communities amongst friends and acquaintances. It’s not just limited to gaming conversations. It also includes a variety of groups made for discussion on Art, Health, Workouts, and a lot more. Small and large groups of people come together on a daily basis to interact and share their thoughts and have a great time.

A majority of the conversations on Discord are driven by shared interests. Let’s see some alternatives that can be used instead of Discord to achieve the same or similar purpose.

Best Discord Alternative Download for Free



This application got a lot of traction in the last few months due to the privacy policies of WhatsApp. This app experienced a massive surge of new users within a couple of weeks. The Voice Chat 2.0 feature by Telegram enables live talking within a group or a channel and there’s no limit on the number of participants. They say it on their website “It’s like public radio reinvented for the 21st century.” Admins can even record audio from voice chats and also save it for publishing later for those people who missed the live session.


Slack is an application that is primarily focused on work-related projects and it feels that way for sure. If you have used discord you will find quite a large amount of similarity between these two applications from their interface to the way of working; or even the graphic layout of the same. Slack has started testing its social audio features a while ago.

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It would be similar to the workings of Clubhouse where people can join in a channel to listen to a particular speaker and maybe interact with him or her based on the permission given. Another feature called Slack Connect allows people to send messages to anyone using Slack. And, they don’t have to be in the same organization.



TeamSpeak takes great pride in providing crystal clear, lag-free interaction with the help of their integrated automatic microphone adjustment and inbuilt background noise reduction along with echo cancellation. They are also known for providing military-grade security with TS3, AES-based encryption for the entire server or just a specific channel. They have different pricing for different needs so you should definitely check that out before starting off with this app.



Skype! The OG! This was one of the most popular video calling software when it used to dominate the market in isolation. They have added several new features to make sure that they stay afloat in the market with their competitors. The Meet Now feature for Windows allows the user to set up a video call and invite up to 100 friends for 24 hours. It’s free to use and provides a large opportunity to conduct classes, fitness sessions, and much more. It still has its older features like texting via Skype or screen sharing from either your phone or your PC.



This is your all-in-one chat app for a team, an organization, or your friends. People communicate through the global Matrix network which is secured by end-to-end encryption. The fun part is that Element is an open-source company which means that they contribute almost all of their code to everyone. It features public and private chats and it’s free to use for personal use and fairly priced for large organizations who are in need of their services. This app is available for Web, Android, iOS, Mac os, Windows, and Linux.



This platform is majorly focused on the interaction between players and users in the gaming industry. Steam is a one-stop-shop for a majority of the games that are available across the world. It has been a part and an entity of its own for a while now. Talking about some of its communication aspects, yes, it does provide you with a voice chat feature where you can invite your friend or friends to discuss your next strategy in DOTA 2, or maybe you can just text and chill with your friends on the platform. Rest assured if you are a gaming enthusiast you will definitely enjoy this platform.

My Thoughts: Best Discord Alternative Download?

So, that was the list of a couple of alternatives that you can use instead of Discord if you wish to. Discord is still one of my favourites and I will continue using the same. If you are a business or a team that needs more horsepower you should browsing through the other companies and the applications suggested above for efficient communication. And, like every other post, the choice is completely up to you on what application you resonate with the most. We can only hope that you choose wisely and smartly.

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