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EcoGarden: The World’s Smartest Interactive Ecosystem

Let’s be honest here, we are losing touch with environment/nature and the primary reason is that of our busy schedules have prioritized in our life. The other reason for losing touch with nature is that everything out there is polluted and so we prefer to spend 90% of our time indoors. For a short-term period, doing this might not be wrong but in long term, it will not only affect your performance but also your well being.

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Being close to nature is healthy for your mental and physical health. And, with advancement in technology, you can enhance your lifestyle by creating a living space that is soothing and relaxing to be in. EcoGarden is one of the major results of this advancement. It uses thousand years old growing methods. It is own sustaining ecosystem and this tiny greenhouse is capable of growing vegetables and herbs all year around.

How does Ecogarden Work?

You just have to fill the EcoGarden with water. Then, add your fish, place your grow medium, plant the seeds and connect with nature.

This tiny greenhouse combines aquaculture and hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. You can raise fish in the tank and grow plants in the water. The fish waste provides an organic food source for the plants, while the ecosystem naturally filters the water which is then recirculated back to the fish. Using state of the art LED grow lights, integrated sensors, the growing of plants in this ecosystem is fun and easy.


  1. EcoGarden is simple to set up and maintain.
  2. You can place your garden anywhere in your room. It creates a living and peaceful environment.
  3. No soil, chemical fertilizers or pesticides are needed.
  4. This small greenhouse is connected to your phone via Wi-Fi and you can receive live notification about the status of your EcoGarden and track the progress of plants through an app.
  5. You can also feed your fish and control your garden remotely, right from the palm of your hands.

Why should one go for EcoGarden?

EcoGarden: The World's Smartest Interactive EcosystemWe firmly believe that your busy schedule should not hinder you from spending time with those who you care for the most. Enjoy growth and a calm and relaxing environment with EcoGarden. You also don’t have to rely on your neighbours to water your plants or to feed your fish. The system does it for you. Personally, it would be a great choice to have this EcoGarden not only for our physical and mental health but also for the people we care for.


The product is available on Kickstarter at a minimal price of 2,500 USD. So, hurry up they might have limited stock.

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Varnit Yadav
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