Ed-Tech Upskilling Platform ‘Acadzo’ Enters Math Phobia Market

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Acadzo, a state-of-the-art educational learning platform, has announced its expansion into the Indian market with the goal of helping students overcome their fear of mathematics. Acadzo was co-founded by two experts in the field of mental math training: Vimesh Dedhia and Jinal Dedhia. The company’s offerings are targeted at children between the ages of 5 and 14, and they include programmes that teach kids how to solve the cube quickly. Level 1 (Root) is the beginning of each course and Level 6 (Mastery Plus) is the culmination. Acadzo, a new company in the mind sports industry backed by Aarti Eduserve LLP, features games, tasks, and real-world examples for users to engage with.

Acadzo is a gamified edutech platform that has received certification from both the International Organisation for Standardisation and the Society for Science and the Teaching of Mathematics. More than 145 new world records have been set in mental math calculations and cube learning thanks to the platform’s cutting-edge training solution, which has been used by Jinansh Dedhia, age 12, and Shanay Dedhia, age 9. Acadzo has developed a full curriculum based on the strategies used by these pupils to help produce more mental calculators like the present record-holders.

Acadzo connects students and parents with experienced teachers who prioritise the sharing of high-quality learning techniques, with a particular emphasis on developing students’ ability to do mental arithmetic calculations and engage in systematic thinking. The online learning community provides many courses that focus on quick calculations and cube learning to help students gain self-assurance and develop their critical thinking skills.

“As educators in the field of mental math calculations, we have trained record-holding students,” said Vimesh Dedhia, Co-founder of Acadzo. “This has had a significant impact on how we design our courses.” We are staunch believers that mathematics is best studied as a thrilling mental sport rather than a dry academic discipline. Using what we’ve learned, we’ve come up with a mind sports method to teaching maths that gets pupils excited and comfortable with the subject. Acadzo has created new opportunities for kids to succeed in arithmetic by helping them develop important mental math abilities. Acadzo provides students with improved auditory, visual, writing, and typing abilities via their specialised courses, encouraging them to take on difficulties and succeed in their academic endeavours in light of the increasing relevance of mental calculations in daily life.

Mathematical operations, square roots, and calendar dates are only some of the many subjects and programmes addressed. It also provides cube learning, where kids may learn to solve everything from 2- to 5-layer cubes, Pyraminx cubes, Mirror cubes, Axis cubes, Megaminx cubes, Master-morphix cubes, and more. The Acadzo Pal, “ZO,” has been introduced as the first-ever mathematics mascot on the Edutech platform, where he will engage with and motivate students as they go through the site’s training programme and other interactive activities. The firm hopes to change people’s view of mathematics from difficult to fascinating via this.

Jinal Dedhia, co-founder of Acadzo said “Our enthusiasm compels us to design a learning environment in which exploring mathematical concepts is an exciting adventure. Our mission at Acadzo is to use mental competition to open doors of possibility for pupils. We’re passionate about our work because we’ve seen firsthand how teaching mathematics can inspire children to take risks, develop their critical thinking skills, and reach new heights in their education.

Acadzo’s innovative user-friendly software makes solving difficult maths problems fun and accessible by including games and challenges into the curriculum. In addition, the ‘Mind Sports Federation’ has been set up to promote and reward prodigious abilities in mental sports such as speed cubing and fast arithmetic. Students trained by Vimesh and Jinal Dedhia have competed in and won gold in international competitions held throughout the world, including in India, Australia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. In addition to breaking several world records, these kids have been included in the Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records.

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