Elista New Trio Of Power-Packed Portable Speakers Launches In India

Elista Launches a Trio of Power-Packed Portable Speakers

Elista, India’s most trusted brand in consumer electronics, home appliances, information technology, and mobile accessories, is proud to introduce its newest line of wireless Bluetooth speakers. These ‘Made in India’ Single Tower portable speakers have an ideal balance of powerful subwoofers and tweeters to create an enveloping and engaging listening experience. These high-tech items, which retail for between Rs 5,999 and Rs 12,999, would increase Elista’s visibility in the audio market.

To enhance your inside and outdoor listening experience, check out the new line of wireless single trolley speakers. Each of the three available speaker power ratings delivers crystal-clear audio performance and thumping bass for a listening experience like no other.

MR. PAWAN KUMAR, ELISTA’S CEO, commented on the launch, saying, “At ELISTA, our focus has been on diversifying and expanding our presence in key segments. PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE WITH THE RELEASE OF THESE THREE SPEAKERS. We anticipate that these speakers’ contemporary features and low price points will help ELISTA reach a broader audience in this market. They are the best option for music lovers on a tighter budget who want to create a professional studio environment.

Elista’s new line of Single Trolley speakers will be sold via the company’s broad network of over 10,000 retail locations.

The ELS T-5000 Blast delivers powerful, immersive sound on the go with its 20W + 20W (40W) total power output, 8′′ x 2 subwoofer, and 1x tweeter. Wireless communication is simplified using Bluetooth v5.0 technology and a range of up to 10 meters. The 5200mAh battery guarantees three hours of audio listening at 75% volume. The Wireless MIC (VHF) with MIC Volume & Echo Level Control makes karaoke nights and other group activities more enjoyable. There are a number of controls and conveniences available, including a 7-segment LED display, rotary volume controls, a full-function remote handset, and a slot for a mobile phone.

The ELS T-5000 TUFB Single Trolley Computer Speaker is easy on the wallet while yet providing a powerful audio experience thanks to its 15W x 2 (30W) power output, 8″ x 2″ dynamic subwoofer, and 1x tweeter. With a range of up to 10 meters, its Bluetooth v5.0 technology guarantees lag-free wireless audio streaming. The 5200mAh rechargeable battery provides up to three hours of music enjoyment at 75% volume. For lively karaoke competitions, the speaker has a wireless microphone (VHF) with volume and echo controls. The speaker has a full-function remote control, a place for your mobile device, and a 7-segment LED display for your convenience.

The ELS T-6200 is the apex of audio technology, with two 10″ subwoofers and one “x” tweeter releasing a combined 60W of power. All types of audio input will experience resonant bass, crisp treble, and crystal-clear sound. Wireless connectivity is maintained at a distance of up to 35 meters thanks to the UHF-enabled display and Bluetooth version 5.0. The 4400mAh battery allows for up to three hours of playback at 75% volume.

The Wireless MIC (VHF) with MIC Volume & Echo Level Control gives amateur karaoke performances a more polished air, whether they take place in a living room or in the backyard. The 7-segment LED display and built-in phone holder make it convenient to use, while the analog volume, bass, and treble knobs let you fine-tune the music to your liking.

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