The Emerging Role of Entrepreneurs with Mobile Apps


Today, mobile apps have acquired a dominant share in the market and almost all the business units whether small or large, are resorting to the creation of a personalized app for the ease of users as well as to enhance the user app experience. At this time, the role of an entrepreneur becomes pivotal as they can help to develop such a dedicated app that would interact with the users as well. Gone are the times when audiences were allured by the content or creativity of an ad copy. In this technologically driven era, there is much more to just developing a creative and aesthetically designed ad copy.

Since audiences and the target customers are spread across various channels in the entire world, so to enrich their experience and attain favorable outcomes, it is quite essential to segment the audiences, apply the quantitative metrics and analyze the content as well. Since mobile apps have acquired a major share in the market, therefore the role of marketer has become increasingly complex and a lot of dexterity and proper skills are required on his part along with diligence in order to accomplish success.


It is extremely imperative to capture the interest and preferences of the users in order to gain enriched user experience. The content of the app should be specific and personalized so that conveys the users what they actually desire from a particular app and also help them to give their valuable feedbacks. This is because users, whether they are active that time or not, expect a good response from the app in return. In order to achieve in the field of mobile marketing, a clear understanding of all the marketing strategy is vital and this can be achieved if the user’s interest on other channels is tracked. Whatever actions you perform, must be aligned and parallel with the other marketing channels.


If you want to keep the interest of users engaged and want them to be loyal towards your app, then you can simply do this by adopting several methods like surveys, reminders, videos, push notifications etc. This will ensure good and valuable feedback for the users. Moreover, you should take care of the subject and the timing and also make sure that rate of responsiveness towards the audiences is high so that you can address any type of issues or details provided by the users.


It is very important to build user loyalty. For this purpose, high amount of advertising in the form of billboards, newspaper signs, emailing newsletters etc can be undertaken. In order to build a goodwill and recognition, it is very crucial that you maintain the customer loyalty towards your product or service for staying closer to the customers at all times.


To bridge the gap between live apps and directing and guiding the users towards the features or attributes of the app that they have missed, it is required that marketers have a good connection with the product management at all times which can lead to a more significant impact on the value of a particular app. In order to carry out the marketing tasks affluently, it is very much required to have good marketing skills, expanded and broad mental horizons and intellectual capacities. They all must be kept in mind to perform the challenging task of marketing.

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