The Role of Media Planning Solutions in Effective Multichannel Marketing

The Role of Media Planning Solutions in Effective Multichannel Marketing

Push marketing is slowing down. Outbound marketing strategies are being taken over by inbound strategies. Data-driven or targeted marketing is gaining momentum with huge databases as the backbone—the scene is all about databases of target audiences, publishing platforms, and aspiring publishers. Building the right inventory, and mapping it to the right publishing platforms, based on data about the target audience, is a real challenge that can be addressed only through excellent media planning solution software.

The challenge multiplies manifold across a multitude of channels, operating systems, and devices. Websites, social media, smartphones, messaging apps, emails—the channels are many; cross-channel campaigning is growing in complexity. That is why ad formats are many—from plain text links to graphical display ads and interactive videos of varying sizes and features.

Targeting the right customer and delivering the right message at the right time is very important to garner the most desirable response at the least cost. Cutting through the marketplace noise with relevant messages is no easy task. Powerful and sophisticated campaign management solutions are necessary if you want to collate all the data productively and harvest the best results.

Effective programmatic solutions help advertisers reach thousands of ideal customers through geographical, demographic, and behavioral targeting. Unified data gives deep insights that help individualized targeting. Rightly identifying and connecting with customers across paid, earned, and owned channels simplify the entire marketing process.

The right media buying software can help strike the right chord. A mediocre software product might give you the semblance of reduced load and improved effectiveness. But you won’t know the difference until you experience the power of custom-deployed media buying software. Automating routine tasks helps you save time and energy, ensure consistency, eliminate errors, and free up to focus on strategy, planning, and optimization.

Media planning solutions must track each campaign regarding cost, impact, and returns. The right technology can create reports for internal analysis of campaign management and be used for future planning and client presentations.

Powerful and easy-to-use media planning solutions help to:

  • Access information on the lifestyles and media habits of relevant demographic and geographic groups
  • Profile prospective customers based on that data
  • Identify publishing platforms with high potential of earning targeted audiences
  • Compare costs and return on audience (ROA) for various publishing platforms
  • Schedule campaigns for over a year, including lull periods
  • Analyze the impact of entire campaigns
  • Analyze and compare multichannel performance
  • Create and view reports with powerful analytics and reporting tools
  • Simplify media analysis by parameters like market, client, campaign, product, and flight date
  • Provide  up-to-date summaries of the marketing expenses and returns
  • Banking-grade security for all your data and transactions

In the era of highly complex media activities and customer behaviors, a highly powerful media buying software is the best solution to ensure you best results with optimum inputs.

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