Essential Apps For Writing A Dissertation Or Thesis

Essential Apps For Writing A Dissertation Or Thesis

Dissertations and theses rank among the most demanding academic papers. Such a paper will require intense research and tenses or hundreds of pages to write. Each section of the paper comes with multiple instructions that affect your writing experience. 

Apps make writing the most intense paper easy, fast, and more accurate. An app will, for example, type the document from audio dictation. Another app may help you to format the paper or help you to attain the desired structure. Here are a few apps that will help you to draft the most compelling dissertation or thesis in record time. 

Essential Apps For Writing A Dissertation Or Thesis

Google Docs

Google Docs is a multipurpose app or platform. It helps you to draft your paper online, eliminating the need to download the thesis on every device you use for an assignment. Hire a Thesis Rush to write your paper instead of struggling endlessly in the library without any guarantee of a good grade. 

Google Docs is a cloud-based drafting platform. It provides the features you would find in ordinary text-generating platforms like MS Word. You will draft and save the thesis for immediate access on the next device you use. 

Google Docs also allows you to store documents, files, and links. These are the materials you require as data or references in your paper. You create a mobile database that you can access anywhere you are and continue writing your paper. The platform also allows you to share the document with your supervisor and receive comments online. Regardless of the number of gadgets you use, you will maintain a single thesis or dissertation. 


Evernote is a cloud-based storage and management app. It allows you to tag along all the images, e-books, images, and files that you require for your paper. You may also add links to pages or documents that you think will enhance your dissertation. 

The app comes with free cloud storage. In case you need advanced features, you will be required to pay a reasonable subscription. You can access all your e-books and other academic files from any device. It is a chance to create a mobile database that you can use to write your paper wherever you are. 

Evernote also allows you to segment your research materials for easier management. You can group materials for different chapters or from diverse authors. With an advanced search capability, you will easily retrieve the materials that you drop into the app. 


Good grammar and expression are some of the most important aspects of thesis writing. Grammarly helps you to polish a paper, making it easier to follow the discussion. Grammarly will highlight and provide options for typing errors, poor choice of words, and punctuation, among other grammar errors. 

Grammarly collects data on the most common errors in your writing. By reviewing the data, you will identify the areas that require improvement. Grammarly is also being used to ascertain the originality of your work. The plagiarism-checking feature ensures that you submit original work. It is one of the most prolific writing apps for a thesis or dissertation. The subscription price makes the app even more rewarding to use. 


The intense work that goes into writing a dissertation or thesis includes graphics. The graphics results in chats, maps, and graphs that explain your ideas better. These materials require precision and details that help you to pass the message. Canvas is a perfect tool to create these designs and images. 

Canvas is easy to use even for students with limited tech knowledge. You can create the graphics on your phone and transfer them to your laptop or the document you are using. The basic features are free while those that require a subscription are worth the price. Canvas will help you to present a detailed thesis with illustrations that explain your points easily. 

Daily Planner 

Time management is one of the most important aspects when writing an intense paper like a thesis or dissertation. The paper requires you to prepare milestones and set deadlines for each chapter. You have other engagements that require your attention each day. A daily planner will transform your writing experience. 

There are several planners to consider. The most important features are the ability to set milestones and timers for different tasks. The apps should send an alert whenever a deadline is nearing. The alert should be sent across platforms to remind you of the task wherever you will be. You will avoid rushing at the last minute to complete the task, resulting in poor grades. 


A good thesis or dissertation is coherent. It should be easy to read for a person with limited technical or grammatical knowledge. Readable ensures that your ideas are easy to understand even for a person without an idea of the topic. 

Readable highlights grammatical, punctuation, and word-choice mistakes that affect the expressiveness of your paper. You will avoid redundant sentences and word repetition that lower the quality of your discussion. Your paper will be impressive to read, thanks to Readable. 


Jasper is an AI writing tool. By feeding the app with instructions, it will generate paragraphs and entire sections without your involvement. It allows you to provide an outline and the highlights you would like to be captured in the paragraph or chapter. 

Jasper is reducing the time taken to complete academic papers like the thesis. It can also be used to brainstorm ideas. In case you have no clue how to start a chapter or paragraph, Jasper will get it done for you. 


Forest is a focus app. It helps you to avoid distracting websites that consume your time while you should be writing your paper. By blacklisting the websites, you will not receive notifications. In case you maintain focus on the task, you will grow a tree. Visiting a website like YouTube or Facebook will cause your tree to wither. By keeping your eye on the ball, you will complete the paper faster.

The choice of the app will depend on the task you wish to accomplish. Use the apps to increase your speed and enhance concentration. Trial versions and reviews of thesis writing apps will help you to pick the most appropriate app to help you write the thesis. 

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