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Eureka Forbes Health air conditioner launched in India


Eureka Forbes Limited are the makers of Aqua guard water purifiers and now today, the company has announced the launch of the country’s first ‘health conditioner’ named Forbes. The Forbes Health conditioner is an advance and healthy version of the regular air-conditioner. We all know that air-conditioners are now an important part of our lives. With summers coming, we all will be needing air-conditioner but, the continuous exposure to such air can be harmful. However, with Forbes air-conditioner, there will be zero chance of microbial contaminants and poor purification.

Features Of Forbes Air Conditioner:

  1. This air conditioner is equipped with the powerful, patented ‘Active Shield’ technology, the product delivers air free of 99% of microbes and germs within two hours.
  2. The air conditioner de-odorizes air effectively.
  3. Forbes removes 99% germs and keeps every corner of the home cool and healthy.
  4. Forbes is an all-weather air conditioner that provides clean air in winters too while keeping the compressor off.
  5. Forbes health conditioner is equipped with UV-C disinfection technology and Follow-me technology.

Vikram Surendran, President, Eureka Forbes Limited, said that Health conditioners are now a very important household device. Today, consumers are looking for innovation and advanced technologies that enable good health and well-being and Forbes is a boon of technology that is introduced in response to this growing consciousness.

Price and Availability:

Forbes health conditioner comes in the range that includes 5 Star (1 TR, 1.5 TR capacity) priced for Rs. 43,990 and 3 Star (1 TR, 1.5 TR, 2) priced for Rs 64,990.

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