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European Pro-Audio Brands Enter Indian Market with Alphatec

Key Highlights

  1. European pro-audio brands Coda Audio, Waves System, and Pequod Acoustics have entered the Indian market, bringing their advanced audio solutions and products.
  2. The brands have partnered with Alphatec, a Mumbai-based distribution house, to strengthen their business and enhance product awareness across India.
  3. With their cutting-edge technologies and expertise, these brands aim to elevate audio-visual experiences, cater to diverse needs, and contribute to the growth of the Indian audio industry.

Coda Audio, Waves System, and Pequod Acoustics are three European pro-audio companies that have just announced their arrival on the Indian market at the Palm Expo at the Bombay Exhibition Centre (Goregaon) in Mumbai. These companies have partnered with Alphatec, a Mumbai-based distributor of high-quality audio and video products across India, to grow their customer base and raise brand recognition in the Indian market.

Coda Audio, headquartered in Berlin, is a major player in the European professional audio industry. CODA’s drivers, hardware, enclosures, crossovers, and other electronics are all made in-house in the company’s dedicated European production site, where the greatest levels of quality and control can be maintained.

Line arrays, such as the recently released ViRAY and sensor-controlled subwoofer SCV-F, high output point source systems HOPS12T, HOPS8T, and HOPS5, array able point source APS, column speakers CORAY4, compact, versatile full range G715-Pro, G308-Pro, G15-Sub, and LINUS T-RACK amplification are all part of the company’s extensive product catalogue.

Coda Audio’s international sales manager, Paul Ward, was enthusiastic about the company’s expansion into the dynamic Indian market. We are pleased to introduce our cutting-edge technology and world-famous expertise to India in order to meet the wide-ranging demands of the country’s audiences, venues, and events.  Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the local entertainment and performance industries while simultaneously raising the bar for the audio industry.

FAQs about Coda Audio, Waves System and Pequod Acoustics entering India

What products does Coda Audio offer in the Indian market?

Coda Audio offers a diverse range of products, including line arrays, high-output point source systems, array-able point source speakers, and amplification solutions.

What are the key offerings of Waves System in the audio-visual industry?

Waves System offers audio players for various applications, professional interactive audio/video players, ultra-directional speakers, and cloud-based digital signage software.

What is the speciality of Pequod Acoustics’ audio equipment?

Pequod Acoustics specializes in high-quality audio equipment and offers a range of speakers for professional users and audiophiles, combining new technology with acoustic theory for superior sound quality.

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