‘Explore the Space Together!’ Young Aerospace Enthusiasts Prefer to Communicate on Soul App

Explore the Space Together

Flying to the sky with a broomstick is Souler@IWannaBeAWitch’s childhood dream. When she failed to receive the admission offer carried by an owl from Hogwarts at 16, she decided to produce the broomstick by herself. Currently, she is studying for a Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics at the California Institute of Technology. She wants to become an aerospace engineer, marching further toward her dream by designing aircraft and rockets.

Explore the Space Together
(Pictures shared by @IWannaBeAWitch)

It’s never easy to become a qualified aerospace engineer. Souler @IWannaBeA Witch has to study hard to master sophisticated physical theories, math principles, and basic coding skills. Out of her heavy school tasks, she spends a lot of time on Soul App, her favourite social media platform. She recorded her university life, discussed the equations of rocket rotation with other Soulers, and shared her passion for space industry, attracting some followers. “May we all contribute to space career.” A Souler left this comment, pleasing her a lot.

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It’s Souler @Day Dreamer who left this comment. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he chose to pursue a master’s degree in Aerospace Science and Technology at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the cradle of aerospace engineers in China. He devotes himself to scientific research and spent most of his time in Wind Tunnel Lab. 

“By choosing this research direction, I have chosen to contribute to our country’s aviation industry.” He enjoyed exploring the control of aircraft with his classmates and teachers and hoped their efforts could be contributed to the development of the field.

On Soul App, you can find numerous aspiring young people, just like Souler@I WannaBeAWitch and @Day Dreamer, fueled by passion and love, who are on the way to the realization of their space dreams.

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Except for these aerospace professionals who are sharing their stories, there are also a group of aerospace enthusiasts who volunteer to share aerospace knowledge and frontier research achievements on Soul App. Souler @Jupiter is a representative.

Aerospace knowledge shared by Souler @Jupiter

Souler @Jupiter doesn’t work in the space industry or study relevant subjects. Aerospace is just one of his hobbies. On Soul App, he has presented knowledge about Tianwen-1, shared the latest achievement of NASA, and introduced SpaceX to other Soulers. He has fun communicating space knowledge and exploring the secrets of space.

‘Explore the Space Together!’ Young Aerospace Enthusiasts Prefer to Communicate on Soul App 1
(Posts by aerospace enthusiasts on Soul App)

It has been 8 years since Souler @yy started watching aerospace live streaming. “My passion for aerospace never changes. I am lucky to witness the development of my homeland’s aerospace career.” She shared it on Soul App after attending Tiangong Lecture online, the live streaming held by three Chinese astronauts on China’s Space Station in December 2021.

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Posts shared by these young generations on Soul App have inspired an increasing group of Soulers to explore the beauty of our vast universe, lighting up numerous aerospace dreams. Soul App will continue to research how young generations prefer to communicate in order to create a better platform for them to share interests, exchange ideas and build new social connections.

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