Facebook was not working ! Facebook Server goes down

Facebook was not working ! Facebook Server goes down

What the F !!!!!!!!! Facebook Server goes down !!!

Today, we had Facebook Server goes down….. instagram down……… On web as well as on mobile  apps …It seems that the down was experienced for exactly 40 minutes… isn’t it insane,,,, services are back online after that….Pheww…. 

The cause for the shutdown is not clear yet, shutdown  occurred at about late afternoon. However, The same company’s messaging service WhatsApp is running as usual.

On the otherhand at the time of down, the facebook just acknowledged by quoting “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can,” on their website.

According to the sources the responsibility of this outage goes to some suspicious hacker groups by DDos attack.

This kinda instance of facebook was earlier experienced last year in the month of September for nearly 15 minutes but twice that month.

While for that same time the Twitter was working normally and all the angers of the users of facebook and instagram was conveyed through more than 4000000 tweets as per recordes in just less than an hour….

I just wana say…  to all those angry twitters.. to keep clam and Say Hi to mom and Dad and like have real Discussions, Fight with siblings,,,  Reality of life just begins …… ( I know its hard to follow…. isn’t it !!!!! )

Well we had contacted Facebook for more details and the exact cause of down. We will update this post as soon as we hear back.

Please share your views on the Facebook instagram down …… In the comments below.

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