FIPILOCK 2S:The Ultimate Smart Fingerprint Lock

Filiplock 2s

In today’s era security is a primarily concern of every individual, and we all know that a proper lock is a crucial component to home security. Locks, whether traditional or modern, smart or dumb, are designed to keep trespassers and other unknown people out while at the same time letting the right person in without much complications. With the increase in the advancement in the technology, we now have a smart lock which is more convenient, secure and smarter. Fipilock 2S is a smart fingerprint lock. No more keys or passwords, just your fingerprint is required to unlock the lock.

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How does Fipilock 2s works?

Fipilock 2S stores up to 10 fingerprints. All the stored fingerprints are managed within thumbprint padlock, hence no other external device such as computers is needed. By the time no finger is set for unlocking the lock, the smart padlock is in an empty state and any finger can act a key but as soon as the user sets the administrator account, only his/her finger will act as a key.


  1. Fipilock 2S comes with long battery life and has a zinc alloy body which offers a long-lasting
  2. It is compact, light-weighted and a lipstick-size lock that can be carried anywhere you need.
  3. It is perfect for school, gym, outdoor adventure and travelling and it can be tucked into your backpack, handbag and even your pocket.
  4. It also offers high performance hence, allowing it can be unlocked within 0.5 seconds.
  5. It supports up to 10 fingerprints for shared access.
  6. The IP65 level weatherproof padlock prevents the lock from rain and dust.

Why should one go for Fipilock 2s?

Filiplock 2s feature

This lock offers security and convenience both at the same time. Your finger is the key for this lock so you need not worry about losing your key again. With this fingerprint lock, you don’t have to worry that the key is copied or the password is cracked. Maybe you can be assured of the safety of your things with this one.


Fipilock 2S is available on, and the price is just $199 USD. So, hurry up before the offer expires. 

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