Firework Short Video Platform announced Free WordPress plugin

Firework Short Video Platform announced

As the world takes a new leap every day in digital technology, there always a new something taking over. Initially, there were computers, then came smartphones, then PS5 and then Apps. There is this long chain of application these days that does almost everything you can think off. Thousands of apps are being added every day on Google play store and Apple app store. Though one can think of it as an absolute advancement, the fact is that it’s never enough.

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In the same pursuit, a Silicon Valley start-up Firework Video Network is trying to change some dynamics here. The brand is emerging as an alternative to the social media app TikTok, but do offer 30-second video sharing. Most of those are original content, series and quality production video. Recently, Firework announced the launch of their WordPress Plugin, i.e. ‘Firework Video Gallery’. The Plugin aims to develop a unique interface to enrich simple text-based WordPress sites into a media-centric video platform.


What is Firework?

firework app website

Firework is a video-sharing platform that offers 30-second video production for its users. Apart from original content creation, the platform provides a unique experience to its users, it filters out irrelevant/harmful content via a deep-rooted AI and ML. They also have human curators, who tailor content based on personal interest. The main USP of this platform is its creator-based content development, which invites unique talent and authentic videos.

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Top 5 Firework Features

  1. Reveal Video

    This is the exclusive feature of this platform that allows creators to publish videos in two different aspect ratios. Views have to tilt the screen to see more of the video. This feature gives artistic freedom to its creator and makes them think outside of the box to develop interactive content. This is a patented technology by Firework

  2. Intelligent Discovery Engine

    The feature uses an advance machine-learning algorithm to create a content-based recommendation system, that gives personalise video recommendation based on their unique interest.

  3. Safer Viewing Experience

    The app has an integrated online safety system to make sure that all the content is within the community guidelines. Human curator and AI online monitoring ensure the removal of offensive content 24/7.

  4. Custom Collection

    Each creator has unique content, and each viewer has a diverse viewing pattern, together they act as a tastemaker for other users as well. Creating a unique repository & playlists.

  5. Sponsored hashtag

    The platform also launches weakly promotional hashtags, that encourages creators to engage on a social media platform and showcase their unique videos.

How does Firework app work?

Similar to any video sharing platform, Firework is quite simple, just install the app, sign-up, and start watching. Or don’t download the app at all-the video feeds are available for consumption in various 3rd part websites across the world. Every content creator is separately authenticated and endorsed, Firework is very cautious about its creators to make sure their platform stands sundry. The website also has a publisher section for media websites and advertiser for the creator.

Firework WordPress Plugin?

wordpress plugin Short Video Gallery by Firework

The recently launched WordPress Firework Plugin is a unique concept that creates a widget on WordPress website. Withing that widget viewers can see various relatable videos. The smart Plugin optimises the content of the widget based on the type and the content of the website. The Plugin is available to any WordPress blogger of any category.

Install Firework WordPress Plugin for FREE

There are thousands of 30-second videos that makes the website look a little more creative and engaging. Bloggers can also register and produce their own content, which can be later showcased in this Plugin.

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This lightweight Plugin also ensures that the WordPress website runs fast and smooth by loading videos on a third-party server. Analytics data have also shown that Fireworks Video Gallery users have gained a whopping 300% growth in session timing, which generates more traffic and improves SEO. Stats have also shown that on average, a user watches at-least 15 videos in one session, developing the overall website traffic positively.

5 benefits of Firework WordPress Plugin

  1. Longer session times
  2. Reduces bounce rate
  3. HD video feed with minimal production cost
  4. Mobile friendly tap & swipe design
  5. Higher engagement creates better search ranking

Best Firework Features we like

  • Page speed

    The Plugin does not compromise with the load speed of the webpage since all the video streaming happens on a third-party platform. The Plugin acts as a window for videos, and playback is automatic.

  • Multiple video thumbnail

    A very subtle but useful feature that lets the developer decide a layout for the Firework Video Gallery.

About Firework

Firework is a short format video stories platform that was launched in 2018. The platform has close tie-up with brands, publishers and content producers that utilise infinite storytelling capabilities in 30-second videos. Firework creates deep engagement with its users through its cutting edge, innovative editing, and camera tools like Reveal and Gemi.

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The platform is powered by a 3-step moderation system that includes AI, ML and human intervention that filters out any content that may not be suitable for the audience. This moderation also makes Firework, a completely brand-safe platform. Firework is available on the IOS Store, Google App Store, and various other partner platforms. The platform was founded and currently headquartered in Redwood City, California and now also available in Latin America, Europe, Japan, and South-East Asia.

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