Fly your Smartphone with PhoneDrone Ethos

Phonedrone Ethos
Phonedrone Ethos

Each one of us is somehow addicted to drones at some point. Remember the excitement level when you used to watch the flying airplane in the sky? Everyone wants a flying robot, but what if you can make your smartphone fly, something like an air-cellphone. Well, that kind of fantasy is now possible with PhoneDrone Ethos.

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Yes, PhoneDrone Ethos grants your smartphone access to the third dimension by providing wings to your smartphone. The device allows you to use your iPhone or Android phone as an autonomous aerial camera. Isn’t it cool?

How does Phonedrone Ethos works?

Phonedrone Ethos works with a Phonedrone controller API, allowing the developer to build drone capability into their existing apps and even create completely new apps around this technology. The device is a fully automatic drone and keeps tracks of the surroundings, no more instruction so just set the device on and it’s ready to follow you.


  • Easy to use and affordable.
  • Easy to carry and is also compatible with all other devices.
  • Can pair up with any other devices through Bluetooth and WiFi (wireless pairing).
  • There is a “follow me ” mode.
  • Electronic redundancy is built into hardware and software design that allows backup systems to take over if the primary system fails – and bring your smartphone home safely.
  • Patent pending smartphone core design.
  • It comes with a protective case which is both shock and water resistant and floatable to protect your phone from damage.

Why Phonedrone Ethos?

Phonedrone Ethos
Phonedrone Ethos

Phonedrone Ethos is compatible with the low-cost smartphone and the cost of the device is affordable, which is the key selling theme. The device is perfect for the aerial shoot and aerial photography, in case if you don’t want to invest in high priced drones, this fully automatic tiny drone gadget is a must buy.

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The device is a Startup project, so it is not available on e-commerce websites but it is available for pre-order on with a shipping charge. The retail price of the device is 499$, but you can get in less if you hurry.

Pre-order Link

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