Fidget Spinner + Drone = Flying Fidget Spinner : Fidgettz F1

Fidget Spinner + Drone = Flying Fidget Spinner : Fidgettz F1

Fidget spinner is the season’s hottest toy, which is used as an antidote for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and autism. Now we have a more revolutionized version of fidget spinner called Fidgettz F1. Fidgettz F1 is an electric spinner that is built on aerodynamic techniques and flies in the air.

How does Fidgettz F1 works?

To use this spinner, you just have to plug the Micro-USB charging cord into the side of the spinner and then wait for 15-16 minutes. Using the back-toggle option turn on the spinner. In the start, you need to provide some manual spin to turn on the propellers and then afterwards you can adjust the speed of the fidget spinner using + or – buttons present at the back of the spinner.


  1. Because of the boomerang effect, Fidgettz F1 will fly right into your hands and it will not get lost.
  2. This fidget spinner is made up of ABS material, great shockproof, durable, and safe for children.
  3. There are 4 flying modes available (Suspended mode, boomerang mode, low altitude mode and dive mode).
  4. This fidget spinner is USB rechargeable and one can adjust the speed accordingly.

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There are certain things that must be noted while using this spinner

  1. It is not a waterproof toy.
  2. Do not remove the cover of propellers as it may cause some sort of injury.
  3. Not recommended for children below 6.
  4. Not recommended to use when it is windy.

Why should one go for this Flying Spinner?

Fidget Spinner + Drone = Flying Fidget Spinner : Fidgettz F1If you are planning to gift something that is innovative you should go for this spinner as one can play with this toy alone and also you can enjoy playing with your friends. And above all this fidget spinner is suited for every age group.


You can buy this innovative Fidgettz Spinner from at a minimal cost of 26 USD.

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