FOCI: Wearable that Boosts your Focus


FOCI is a biometric wearable that tracks your subconscious and helps you to tune your deep focus. It clips to your waist. It visualizes your mind and helps you in understanding yourself better. It points out the mistakes you made and provides real-time advice. Every 3 minutes, we get distracted that contributes to a total of 31 days of lost time in a year. With FOCI, you can boost your focus because it is twice as smart.

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How does FOCI work?

FOCI comes with a combined Cognitive Biometrics and AI Mind Coach technology that detects the period for which you got distracted and helps you in improving your concentration to perform better. The Cognitive Biometrics discovers your mind status through your breathing patterns and determines whether you are concentrating or not. If not, the colour of the mind orbs changes which will indicate you to enhance your focus. It updates you about every detail of the time you wasted while getting focused, distracted, stressed and fatigued. The AI mind coach improves performances by planning mental strategies. It knows exactly where you are losing the focus and guides you to perform better.

FOCI Features


  • Cognitive Biometrics
  • It has mind orbs with colour switching technology.
  • It keeps track of the time duration of focus, distraction, stress and fatigue.
  • AI mind coach that helps in overcoming distractions and guides you perform with proper concentration.

Why do we need FOCI?

It’s not possible to concentrate continuously on a particular task for a long time. Everyone gets distracted, some for less time some for much. For those who get distracted frequently, FOCI is a perfect gadget. It provides the real-time visualisation of your mind, which will detect when you’re focusing and when you’re distracting. When you lose focus, It will vibrate at your waist which will remind you to refocus. When you’ll get distracted or hit by fatigue, it will guide you with new mind techniques that will regain your focus and make you perform with full concentration.


FOCI is available at just 72 Euro on This exceptional device can be shipped worldwide, so order you FOCI and stay focused.

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Disclaimer: We have not tested this gadget personally, please research about the company and its policies before buying this product.

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