How to generate leads with digital marketing?

leads with digital marketing

You may jazz up a product, tie it with a cute little bow, and offer the same at the best price- But this does not matter while generating leads with digital marketing.

No matter what price you offer, if your product is unknown in the market, it is likely to fail, and your business will be on the verge of doom. This is because products with the most leads win in the market.

If you have an average product but with a high number of leads, it will win because more leads result in more revenue and more profit.

So, if you want to survive and lead in the competitive market, you have to focus on generating more leads. Well, do not worry because we will unpack some of the best tricks for you to generate leads with digital marketing.

But before we jump on to the tricks, here is a question for you. Did you know that, on average, an online user is flooded with about 11,250 ads every month? No wonder the number is enormous. But to survive the stiff competition, one has to come up with new and creative ways to grab the user’s attention and generate more leads.

So, let us now discuss the ways to generate more leads using digital marketing.

Different ways to generate leads with digital marketing

Let’s begin…

1- Take Advantage of Social Media

Accessibility of the internet is shaping the world in a new and better way, and social media is the lovechild of the world wide web. It comes in many forms, including forums, blogs, live chats, business networks, and, last but not least social networks.

Speaking of social media, are you aware that around 3.5 million people are using social media actively? Yes!! The number of social media users is this big, but don’t get shocked to hear this since the number is already on the rise.

With many social media users, no one can deny the fact that it is one of the biggest platforms capable of generating leads. But, to successfully acquire leads via social media, you must invest a lot of time and effort to build an engaged audience to convert the audience into leads.

So, one of the best ways to generate leads is staying active and creative on social media by regularly posting appealing explainer videos, infographics, slides, etc.

2- Engage with Leads Directly

Direct engagement with the customers should be on your priority list if you want to generate leads. Most businesses opt for indirect involvement such as FAQs, but this is not the most effective means to engage with the customers.

With direct engagement, companies use live chat, help centers, and forums to ensure that every customer query is appropriately handled. Just to let you know, a more engaged customer means better word of mouth, which ultimately results in more lead generation.

3- Informative Content

In the internet world, content is the king and a great source to create more web traffic, which will ultimately result in more lead generation. The importance of content is one thing, but it does not mean that you may use any content.

leads with digital marketing

The audience today is smart and looks for content that may provide relevant information. So, make sure that your content is well-informed and has videos, images, and infographics to increase engagement and share count.

You may use these tricks to get the most out of your content:

  • Post informative and valuable content that compels the user to fill in their information
  • Add visuals to your content since users are more likely to retain the visual information
  • Clarify what your customers are getting and how it will be beneficial for them

4- Share Videos on Youtube

With 1.9 billion logged-in users visiting every month and a billion hours spent every day watching videos, Youtube is one of the biggest platforms in terms of popularity and population. If you see it only as a video hosting platform, you might need to re-think it because it is also a massive search engine. As a result, it is more popular than any other platform like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Since the videos posted on youtube remain for a long time compared to other platforms, it is the best channel to send referral web traffic.

So, you may create and run your channel on Youtube and share the best-animated explainer videos, imperative tutorials, etc., to make sure that you strive among your competitors and attract more leads.

5- Email Marketing

How to generate leads with digital marketing? 1

Email marketing means direct engagement with the customers, and as mentioned in the first point, direct engagement with the customer is a must-to-do task if you wish to see your business rising with more leads.

Now, while creating content for generating leads via email, you must consider the following tips:

  • Create an enticing subject line
  • Keep your content crisp and concise
  • Embed images and videos in your email
  • Integrate a Call-to-Action (CTAs) button in your email (preferably in the first half)
  • Link your social media accounts to redirect the customer to your social media pages

6- Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts is a useful digital marketing hack. With guest blogging, you get potent backlinks, a bigger audience, and a chance to do personal branding. According to HubSpot, guest posting helps you multiply the number of your leads and is a great way to double your revenue.

While you focus on the guest posting, make sure you choose the high authority sites and offer valuable (but actionable) advice to your target audience. Make sure that you create a post using related videos and images.

7- Stay Updated with latest Trends

In a fraction of a minute, a lot can happen in the world of digital marketing. So, staying updated with the latest marketing trends is yet another useful digital marketing hack. Moreover, since the digital marketing sphere keeps evolving, it becomes essential to devise the marketing strategy time and again.

So, make sure that you keep your eyes open to what’s happening in the digital world to ensure that you are not lagging.

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In a Crux

The business world is competitive, and these are a few digital marketing tricks that businesses use to stay on top. If you do not want to miss out on an opportunity, make sure that you keep your eyes on these tactics, and you will be able to attract potential customers, generate traffic and leads, and boost the conversion rate.

Also, we feel great to hear from you, so if you have any other tricks to help generate more leads, feel free to share your knowledge with the community in the comment box below.

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