GIGABYTE Unveils Groundbreaking Displays at COMPUTEX 2023: Future of Computing, AI, HPC, Gaming, Green Computing & More

GIGABYTE Unveils Groundbreaking Displays at COMPUTEX 2023

Computer hardware and server solutions pioneer GIGABYTE has announced new, ground-breaking displays at COMPUTEX 2023. Under the banner “Future of COMPUTING,” GIGABYTE is showcasing its latest technological advancements in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), green computing, gaming and content creation, industrial PCs, AI smart security, and autonomous vehicles.

In addition to product displays, GIGABYTE will host a four-day Tech Talk, including experts from AMD, Ampere, Intel, and NVIDIA, who will discuss how the evolution of computing is changing the landscapes of related technologies. Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Show Centre is the location of the show, which will run from May 30th to June 2nd.

GIGABYTE’s Pioneering GPU/HPC Servers Will Put You Ahead of the Curve in the Age of AI

ChatGPT and other generative AI applications are causing seismic shifts in the business and creating an unprecedented demand for AI computer servers. GIGABYTE and its subsidiary, Giga Computing, will introduce a state-of-the-art range of GPU-accelerated servers and HPC servers at COMPUTEX. These methods are designed to speed up the training of generative AI, as well as deep learning, machine learning, inferencing, large language models (LLM), and exascale data analysis.

New GPU/HPC server systems use cutting-edge hardware, including the newest central processing unit (CPU) platform, GPU accelerator cards, and AI deep learning and inference technologies from industry leaders. AI computing servers may achieve higher performance and energy efficiency with GIGABYTE’s unique density-optimized server architecture and cooling technologies, giving businesses and academic institutions a leg up in the AI race.

Use GIGABYTE’s Immersion Cooling Solutions to Achieve Green Data Centre Objectives

Data centre cooling solutions that conserve power, improve computing speed, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) are in high demand because of rising worries about energy usage and carbon emissions brought on by the introduction of AI technology. GIGABYTE, renowned for its environmentally friendly computing solutions, is debuting three immersion cooling tank types with matching server series at this year’s COMPUTEX.

Immersion cooling solutions from GIGABYTE have been used by worldwide semiconductor companies, telecommunication services, and top European research centres due to their superior efficiency and low cost. Enterprises and educational institutions may adopt sustainable practices and make groundbreaking innovations with the help of GIGABYTE’s self-developed comprehensive solutions, which include immersion cooling tanks, server configuration designs, and automated monitoring and adjustment systems.

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GIGABYTE COMPUTEX 2023 is showcasing not only enterprise solutions but also a full range of consumer computers, such as the 2023 Red Dot Design Award-winning AORUS and AERO motherboards, graphics cards, and laptops, the STEALTH 500 computer assembly kit, the SSD, and the large-size 4K monitors that it helped develop.

All of them show off GIGABYTE’s technological expertise and exquisite design. Attendees at the exhibit will be enthralled to learn how GIGABYTE’s PCs are breaking new ground in terms of performance and immersion.

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