Gizmore launches Gizfit fitness wearable series on Flipkart

Gizmore launches Gizfit fitness wearable series on Flipkart 1

Gizmore, a leading accessories brand in India, has recently introduced Gizfit fitness wearable series exclusively on Flipkart. It has recently launched Gizfit series of 2 products which includes:

  • Gizfit Active 902 Fitness watch
  • Gizfit Active 901 Fitness band

GIZFIT 901- Fitness Band

  1. It features monitoring Heart rate, Blood pressure, and sleep respectively
  2. It is powered by HR sensor interface.
  3. It enables IPS color screen HD experience, Wrist movement turn on the display, reject or answer a call, and time display with 3 user interface option.
  4. It features 42Kb + 84Kb memory, 4.0V Bluetooth, 0.96inn TFT display screen, IP67 waterproof level, 0.96inch, 160*80 PPI display resolution
  5. This band is perfect for fitness freaks.
  6. The band clicks picture when you shake it, helps find phone, and boasts anti-lost function and stopwatch.
  7. It comes with a battery back up of 3.7V/90mAh battery and Realtek8762 chipset

PRICE: it is priced for Rs. 1,299



  1. It comes with features like monitoring Blood oxygen level, Heart rate, Sleep and Blood pressure
  2. It offers a time display feature with 3 user interface, IPS LCD HD experience, wrist movement turn on display, reject or answer the call, and has anti-lost feature too.
  3. It comes with Boasting 42Kb+84 Kb memories, Realtek8762 chipset, 3.7V/180mAh battery, IP67 waterproof level
  4. It offers 4.0V Bluetooth and facilitates 1.03×1.02 inn LCD display with 0.96inch, 160*80 PPI display resolution.
  5. The watch is made up of silica gel and weighs 85gms

Price: It is priced for Rs. 1,999

Availability:  Both these products via Gizmore is available on Flipkart.

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